The Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide

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The Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide

The city you live in should be a place you’d never have to leave for anything.

All the essentials — and preferably more — should be conveniently within arm’s reach. Not every city holds true to such wisdom, but if you’re a Fort Worthian, it’s safe to say a trip to Dallas should never be a necessity.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t have to leave the Fort to do your Christmas shopping, either. Our city is home to artisans, makers and designers of all kinds who craft some of the best products in the world. It makes little sense to venture outside Fort Worth to find the right gift for that special someone.

Buon Giorno Coffee

1. Buon Giorno Coffee: $12–$13 per 12-ounce bag.

SOS Bliss Soaps
2. SOS Bliss Soaps: $16 for gift set, which includes 4-ounce soap, wooden soap dish and one lip vegan lip balm.

KingKorn Popcorn
3. Kingkorn Gourmet Popcorn Sampler: $24.95.

4. BLK Eye Vodka: $26.99.

Hot Damn Tamales
5. Hot Damn Tamales: $24.95. 713 West Magnolia Ave.

Peters Brothers Hats
6. Peters Brothers Hats: $250–$700.

Voor Hats
7. Voor Hats: $60.

Home T-shirt
8. Home T-shirt by Fort Worth Locals: $

Eisenhower Jacket
9. Insulated Eisenhower Jacket by Dickies: $39.99–$49.99.

Nokona Baseball Gloves
10. Nokona Baseball Gloves: $390–$650.

Queue Skateboards
11. Queue Skateboards: $140–$170. 2956 Crockett St.

Texas Forever Scarf
12. Texas Forever Square Scarf Scarf by Allison Castillo Designs: $45.

Venice Frame Ring
13. Venice Frame Ring with Oval Blue Sapphire by Megan Thorne Fine Jewels: $3,025. 1517 West Magnolia Ave.

Soy Candles
14. Soy Candle by The Worthy Co: $15.

Amanda Necklace
15. Morgan Necklace by The Worthy Co: $45.

Renew and Glow Holiday Gift Set
16. Novak Hair Studios RENEW AND GLOW Holiday Gift Set: $58.50.250 West Lancaster.