Top Attorneys 2018

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Top Attorneys 2018

While it’s true that legal advice is best left to the pros, you also want to make sure the pro you have in your corner is up to the task. To ensure you have the best representation, we recommend starting here with Fort Worth Magazine’s 2018 Top Attorneys, our annual listing of the best lawyers in town, as voted for by their peers.
This year, 881 lawyers made the list, categorized by specialty and whether they’ve been in practice for more or less than five years.

More than 5 Years Practice
Less than 5 Years Practice

How we did it: Earlier this year, we asked local attorneys to submit nominations via our website, The magazine applied a minimum number of votes it took to make the list, giving bonus weight to lawyers who made the list any of the prior three years. We then asked a panel of highly regarded lawyers in the area to review the list prior to publication and make recommendations on other lawyers who should be on the list, and even ones who should come off for any reason. With this input, we finalized the 2018 Top Attorneys list.

By including a lawyer on these lists, the magazine does not recommend or endorse his or her service. Lawyers whose names are in bold type and red type received 20 or more votes. Lawyers whose names are in bold type received 10-19 votes. Lawyers licensed as of December 2013 are considered to have more than five years in practice for this list.