Bet You Didn't Know These Fort Worthians Were Artists

Local figures like Mayor Betsy Price and musician Pat Green contribute artwork for charity.

Everyone has a secret hidden talent. For those participating in the Public Figures/Private Artists event, a fundraiser hosted by The Art Station, that hidden talent is, well, art. From country singer Pat Green to Mayor Betsy Price, over 40 different public figures are trying their hand at art — whether it be painting, photography, or sculpting — to benefit The Art Station’s goal to provide art therapy for more individuals. The event will also feature live entertainment, food and drinks at Masonic Center on Oct. 17.

Here, four participants share their works — and a little about themselves. 

Albon Head with Wheeler Peak & Williams Lane (acrylic painting) and Debbie Head with A Sense of Wonder (photograph).

Albon Head, partner with Jackson Walker law firm, honorary co-chair of Public Figures/Private Artists
His work: Wheeler Peak & Williams Lane (May 2017); acrylic painting
Albon Head was once the chairman of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and is now a partner at Fort Worth law firm Jackson Walker, but he’s loved art since childhood. His piece, Wheeler Peak & Williams Lane, is a landscape of his favorite hiking trail in New Mexico.

“I’ve had an interest in pursuing artistic expression since childhood,” he says. “It comes naturally, but I need to practice more. In addition to providing a means of self-expression, creating art provides a means of relaxing and reducing stress.”

Debbie Head, honorary co-chair of Public Figures/Private Artists
Her work: A Sense of Wonder; photograph
Having studied documentary film and photography at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts — with fellow student Ken Burns — Debbie Head finds her inspiration from nature.
“An abiding curiosity of nature’s wonders underlies much of my work,” she says. “This piece evokes that sense of wonder. I love sharing my gift of photography with others. My tour with The Art Station was exhilarating, and I am thrilled to be involved with the event and promote art therapy.”

Jeff Wentworth, former District 7 city councilmember
His work: Diamond Design; segmented bowl made of mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry, yellowheart and ebony, 8”x12”
Since Jeff Wentworth's retirement from Nation’s Bank after 25 years of service, he's remained active in the Fort Worth community, serving on the boards of Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, and others. But he's also dabbled in art.

“My artistic exploration began with a little encouragement from a friend,” he says. “I enjoy learning new things, and woodturning provides a creative means of self-expression, as well as a means of relaxing.”

Pat Green, Grammy-nominated, Texas country musician 
His work: The Hand of Christ; bronze sculpture
Pat Green is seen as a poster child for Texas music, having sold over 2 million albums. He started learning about art under the guidance of Gil Bruvel, and this is his first sculpture that he bronzed.   

“All of my early work is signed by both of us ... those pieces are truly collaborative in nature,” he says. “I wish in my heart that all aspiring artists could learn the craft under the wing of such a modern master.”

She paints too?
After contributing a painting last year crafted by using printmaking techniques, Mayor Betsy Price was willing to do it again this year, though her work was not yet ready at press time. The finished piece will be showcased at Public Figures/Private Artists on Oct. 17.

| by Samantha Calimbahin and Meg Hemmerle |