Bluebonett Circle Boutique Opens for Second Act

Three’s a Charm

| story and photography Alexandra Plancarte |

THREE opened for the love of fashion. It’s hard to miss the hot pink “THREE” sign and “III” decal stickers on the storefront windows of the newest boutique in Bluebonnet Circle. The pop of color carries into the shop as well, with a hot pink chandelier above the register and a large flower hanging on the wall. But, a quick dig into the racks at THREE reveals that it’s not just flowers and pink in this store.

Three boutique at 3460 Bluebonnet Circle in Fort Worth replaced the recently closed Stella’s Boutique. Stella’s was open for 10 years until the owner, Mickie Cooles, decided it was time to close up shop and retire earlier this year, much to the dismay of area residents. But, the discouraged didn’t have to fret for long as Three, a former occupant of Stella’s, took over the space and kept the vendor-based concept largely the same. Three celebrated a grand opening in early March.

Texas A&M graduate Kristi Parker is the owner, who named the store after her three daughters. Parker was thrilled to be able to take over Stella’s and call it her own. 

“I’ve always had a love for fashion,” Parker said. “The lady that owned Stella’s retired, and it was such a great opportunity. It was kind of like now or never.”

Just like Stella’s, Three is a shop of shops.

“There are so many brands and different viewpoints represented,” Parker said. “So a mom and daughter could come in and shop.”

The boutique hopes to target the younger base like TCU students and high school students in close proximity.

“That’s probably the biggest difference. It’s just trendier,” Parker said. “We still have clothes for women, but Stella’s always had that.”

Parker’s goal for Three is to have a place where everybody can shop and everyone can find something. Aside from clothing, the store has gifts, accessories and home items. Items rotate quickly as Three gets in new shipments weekly and sometimes even daily.

“That’s the whole mission, to keep it fresh and new stuff coming. It makes the customers want to come see what you have.”

Parker also sells her own handmade jewelry in the store alongside handmade jewelry from other vendors, including locally owned Lo Jewels and MM Jewelry. 

“Most of the jewelry is one-of-a-kind,” she says. “[Customers] know they can get an [item] they aren’t going to see on the neck of their friends or anybody else,” Parker said.

Finally, next to velvet green couches in the middle of the store, customers can find a stand stocked with locally made Fort Worth Fudge. Call it a strategically placed impulse buy or the perfect treat to munch on while you shop, Parker says that no one can resist the fudge.   

THREE is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.- Instagram, @threefw