Cornering the Market

Mexico City-inspired eatery Americado opened in mid-March at 2000 W Berry St. The fast-fine eatery is inspired by Mexico City markets, bars and taco stands. Customers can order from different stations including “fisheria” for ceviche, “chilango” for street tacos and “chic chicken” for chicken. Refreshments and cocktails are also offered at “El Bar.” Finally “La Juicieria” serves coffee and agua fresca (Mexican flavored water).

Also inspired by Mexico City is the design of the space. Dallas-based Coveal Studio, the team behind Cork + Pig in Fort Worth and The Rustic in Dallas, outfitted the 3,300-square-foot restaurant with concrete floor tiles and colorful geometric vinyl on the walls. Surrounded by glass garage doors, Americado easily transitions from indoor to outdoor. A patio, outfitted with picnic tables, flanks the east side of the modern building.