The Dog House

Craft Dogs. Crepes. Coffee. About the only thing connecting these three treats is an alliteration and a spot on the menu at Bentley’s, the new “hot dog joint” set to open on Magnolia Avenue.

Occupying a tiny 800-square-foot building, with hints of blue and yellow, sandwiched between Ellerbe’s and Megan Thorne Fine Jewels, the lunch spot is a family affair. The Crawford family purchased the building in 2015, and they have been working on renovations and the restaurant’s concept ever since. The family includes matriarch and patriarch Michelle and Gary Crawford as well as their sons and their sons’ families. 

The family is new to the restaurant business, but it’s an expert in the world of hot dogs.

“There is always food involved when all of us get together,” says Brad Crawford, one of Gary and Michelle’s sons.“There was a little place in Pampa, Texas, called Coney Island where we used to go when we were kids,” he continued. “That was part of the inspiration.”

The Crawfords say the restaurant is mostly a lunch spot serving craft hot dogs on buns from Twisted Dog – a locally based company known for soft pretzels. By mornings and evenings, patrons can grab a sweet or savory crepe and a roast from Fort Worth-based Cuppa Craft Coffee.

Inside, space is limited, with counter service behind a bright wooden counter and a few bar spots. Outside, a larger patio accommodates more diners with charming walk-up windows.

About a dozen dog options grace the menu including a pork dog with pulled pork, red cabbage slaw, crispy onion strings, barbecue sauce and mustard. Even veggie lovers can find relief with a baked potato served with any of the hot dog toppings. – by Kendall Louis

1515 W. Magnolia Ave.,