Four Day Weekend Releases Book on Business Philosophy

Yes, and?

After 20 years of watching and listening, Four Day Weekend wants you to read.

The local improv comedy troupe, who hosts shows from their theater in downtown’s Sundance Square, released the book Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of “Yes, And” at Work and in Life, in September.

The book’s authors are the founding members of the group — David Ahearn, Frank Ford and David Wilk. Published by Wiley, Happy Accidents teaches the impact of applying the “yes, and” improv philosophy to life and business decisions.

“It’s a semi-autobiographical account of our journey over the last 20 years,” explains co-founder and co-author David Wilk.

As the show became more successful, the guys behind Four Day Weekend realized they were running a business. “We are not business people, and in those days, we were 80 percent show, 20 percent business. Now, we’re 80 percent business and 20 percent show,” says Four Day Weekend’s Frank Ford.

The book details how the group, instead of just saying “no” to a lowball offer from a major company that asked them to perform, said “yes, and,” eventually parlaying that offer into a positive magazine article that ultimately landed them the opportunity to perform for members of the U.S. Congress, meet President Barack Obama and perform for troops.

“The philosophy of ‘yes, and’ worked so well for us onstage,” Ford continues. “We asked, well, what if that was our business model as well? It not only opened up our ability to communicate within the group, but opened us up to so many different business opportunities.”

Four Day Weekend celebrated the book with a launch party and show in early September in Sundance Square.

The 169-page book is available for purchase on Amazon.