These Fort Worth Sisters are Making Moves on DIY Network

Donna and Toni Snow are movers and shakers. Well, maybe with less shaking.

Donna and Toni Snow aren’t short on quips and personality, bringing their house-moving expertise – along with their winsome Southern accents – to the screen on DIY Network’s reality show Texas Flip N Move.

Starring on the show has sometimes led to the Snows receiving Facebook messages or comments from people asking the same question: How long does it take to memorize a script so funny?

The thing is, there’s no script, Toni Snow says.

“We are what we are on TV,” she said. “We know how to cut a piece of wood, we know how to measure, we know how to do things like that, but we also kid around and be ourselves, in and out of the reality part.”

Such is the life of the Fort Worth sisters, whose family-owned company H.D. Snow & Son House Moving, Inc., has been getting air time on Texas Flip N Move for the past four seasons. The company moves houses, physically lifting them up from the ground and transporting them to other locations (it’s the same company that moved Salsa Limón’s Museo location to the River District). 

The Snow family has been moving houses since 1942 – a business started by Donna and Toni’s grandfather, C.A. Snow. The family has moved everything from historic homes to duplexes in as slow and careful of a manner as possible. In fact, their father used to set a glass of water on the chimney and move the house without a spill, just to prove how careful he was.

Eventually, TV producers began to take notice. When the Snows got their first phone calls from Texas Flip N Move’s showrunners, they thought it was a competitor pulling a prank.

“I just went right along with it,” Donna Snow said. “I was being nice to him, as I was raised to be respectful, and answered all his questions. I start questioning, ‘Well, you know, if this is a competitor pulling a prank, boy, they’re really taking it to the hills.’ ”

It wasn’t a prank, as the Snows eventually found out. Now on the show’s fifth season, the Snows say they’ve received favorable feedback from the audience, getting phone calls from other house movers thanking them for bringing light to the industry.

But even more importantly, Donna Snow says, the business and the show has brought the family closer together.