Public Art Debuts at Historic Carver Heights

A new sculpture commemorates the history of the neighborhood.

The Historic Carver Heights neighborhood has a new way of remembering its past. On Nov. 4, the neighborhood dedicated a sculpture meant to commemorate the founders of Carver Heights and the community’s place in black history. The work, titled The Ancestors, was created by local artist Julia Ousley and is located in the 5900 block of Plaza Circle, just south of East Rosedale Street and west of Interstate 820.

The Ancestors features a walking labyrinth with plaques that have the names of Historic Carver Heights’ founders, along with significant moments of the civil rights movement. Three steel towers of differing heights stand at the center of the labyrinth, and on those towers are cutouts of men, women and children, “symbolizing generations of the community standing on the shoulders of their ancestors.”