Turning Tables in West 7th

A new ramen restaurant entered the Fort Worth scene at the end of July, thanks to Chef Jesús García. Chef García, Houston-born and Fort Worth-raised, made a solid name for himself as head chef at Little Lilly Sushi on Camp Bowie. But, García had a passion beyond sushi…ramen. So, a couple of years ago, he headed to Seattle and even spent a little time in Japan in order to taste, to learn, and to hone his culinary skills.

García returned to Fort Worth after the Sushi-Axiom ownership group suggested a collaboration with the chef, and Oni Ramen was born. Oni sits at 2801 West Seventh St. in the spot formerly occupied by Kin Kin Urban Thai. Little has changed inside the restaurant walls besides the menu, as a simple earthy color palette, large windows and booths still dominant the space.

García has crafted a unique, straightforward menu that appeals to a variety of tastes. The build-your-own style menu consists of three flavor options, two broths, four spice levels, and several toppings, in order to create just the right personal ramen. Or, to simplify even more, diners can order one of four specialty ramens including The Dipper, with pork belly and egg, and the Oni Reaper, with miso broth and spicy corn on the cob. Also on the menu are poke bowls – filled with your choice of tuna or salmon plus a base (rice or salad), sauce (soy and chili aioli) and toppings (avocado, carrot, etc.).

Ensuring an abundance of customized options, García provides noodles for everybody with four different choices: thin, thick, whole wheat, and gluten-free. He can even make ramen low sodium or low fat, although it isn’t suggested. The counter-service restaurant also has a small pet-friendly patio overlooking the ever-changing West Seventh Street. The restaurant boasts a full bar with cocktails including Oni’s Old Fashioned, the Bloody Akita and hot and cold sake. oniramen.com
— Ally Long