Art That POPS!

Art can pop up just about anywhere. Take it from the folks at Art Tooth.

Art Tooth is a group of artists and art exhibitionists – including Jay Wilkinson and Brandon Pederson of art show Bobby on Drums – that puts together pop-up galleries showcasing the work of local artists.

Art Tooth began this year and has held three exhibits so far. The first show, Amuse-Bouche, ran from August through October at Gallery 76102 downtown. Another exhibit, FOUR, took place in September at the BRIK Venue in the Near Southside, while the Pop Up Print Project was held as part of the Near Southside’s ArtsGoggle festival in October.

“We have a thriving art scene in Fort Worth,” said Shasta Haubrich, communications and special events coordinator at Art Tooth. “Some of these artists are recognized in Dallas and not recognized in Fort Worth. We just need to make a place for that. The more value that’s given to the art scene in any place is going to make the city more successful.”

Along with being put on public display, the art is also on sale, allowing artists to get a little dough for their work.

Photographer Dannie Liebergot was one local artist featured by Art Tooth. Her photos of Iceland’s snowy, rocky terrain, which she took while completing a residency there, were displayed at Amuse-Bouche. Some of her work was displayed at FOUR as well.

Being a young, emerging artist isn’t easy, and Liebergot says Art Tooth gets it.

“They understand the motions of art and what it takes to submit work, get rejected, give up, persevere and win,” she said. “I am inspired by artists and educators that want to take part in a movement to change the art scene, especially in Fort Worth and Dallas.”

That’s Art Tooth’s goal – to get more eyes on the work of lesser-known artists and expand the art culture in Fort Worth, Haubrich says.

“There’s always something going on,” she said. “It’s just a matter of everybody knowing about it.”