Cinderella Has Cellulite

Ah, love. A second chance. Oops, I mean third chance. Fourth? Well, who’s counting anyway?

Disney may want us to think that their princesses are perfect, but no one is, especially when it comes to dating and relationships, says Donna Arp Weitzman, former mayor of Colleyville and author of her first book, Cinderella Has Cellulite: And Other Musings from a Last Wife.

“For baby boomers and seniors facing the dating world and their Prince pursuit later in life, the pressures for perfection can feel all that much heavier as they bring along children from past relationships, exes, ex-in-laws and more,” Weitzman says. “But guess what? Behind those crowns, gowns and glass slippers, Snow White has saddlebags, Belle may dabble in Botox and Cinderella has cellulite.”

Weitzman divorced eight years ago after 25 years of marriage. She was not prepared for a replay of the dating scene and was caught off guard by all the things that happen in a late-in-life relationship. Upon meeting her new husband, Herb, Weitzman thought her Cinderella journey was complete, as she had found her Prince Charming. What she did not expect was a barrage of questions, remarks, smirks and smiles from Herb’s old friends, unsuccessful prospects, their children, in-laws, and more.

“From ring size to prenups and past relationships to age differences, there can be a number of potholes on the road to love in later life,” says Weitzman. “On my journey, I found that the emotional cost was worth it in the end and now understand that love is work, leaving behind scars and bumps just like cellulite. Through sharing my own experiences and the reflections of other wives, I hope others will understand that, with an evil stepmother, stepsisters, and a very strict curfew, Cinderella had her own cellulite bumps to face on the way to finding her Prince Charming.”

Weitzman says she is an accidental author.

“After I remarried four years ago, I just started laughing to myself one morning about all the things that had happened along the way,” she says. “So, I started writing them down. Then, it became musing. Later, I went on a trip with some girlfriends, and they started telling me about their situations and we just laughed and laughed and had glasses and glasses of wine. The book was the result of all that.”

Cinderella Has Cellulite offers a realistic, hilarious, wildly satirical look at the trials and tribulations that come with late-in-life relationships. Weitzman’s fractured, funny fairy godmother advice has been referred to as that of a mature “Sex and the City.”

The book is going into its third printing, and a television series pilot is in the works. Weitzman is working on a second book, which tackles relationship challenges from the viewpoint of Prince Charming. 

Donna Arp Weitzman is a wife, mother and businesswoman who enjoys writing and a good pair of Manolo Blahniks.

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Cinderella Has Cellulite is available for purchase on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble stores and at other select booksellers.