Local Couple Takes Mexican Street Corn on the Road

A local couple spends their savings on Mexican-style street corn ... and it pays off.

Nick Brown had dreams of paying off the house or the cars with the money he and his wife, Lucy, had saved up over the course of their marriage. Lucy had a different plan in mind. “My wife wanted to start a business with our savings. Originally we had planned to start a restaurant but just couldn’t find the right location. Then our business partner heard that a friend was selling a food truck. That’s how Amaizing Corn was born,” Nick says.

Realizing that the food truck market was inundated with taco offerings, Nick and Lucy knew that they’d need something extraordinary to make their own stand out. Nick says, “We decided to sell Mexican-style street corn as well. That’s what has really set us apart. We roast all of our own corn. There’s nothing from the can. In addition to the traditional-style corn, or elote, we experiment with lots of different flavors and ingredients. I’d say my favorite item on the menu right now is our corn served with nacho cheese and bacon. It’s delicious.”

Amaizing Corn has been in operation since last December and is now riding a huge wave of success. The Browns first approached Fort Worth clientele in the Stockyards. From there they went to flea markets and then started operating in food truck parks. “Now our phone is ringing off the hook,” Nick says.

Prepping for a busy day on the truck isn’t easy, but Nick says he’s got the routine down. Each morning he loads the supplies, and on the way to work, he picks up one of his employees who recently moved here from Venezuela and doesn’t own a car. Nick says, “When we close up in the evening, it’s a total mess. Everything just moves so fast throughout the day. We scrub the truck down every night and leave it sparkling for the next day.”

The couple says that the majority of their business is a result of their followers on social media. “We really haven’t needed to spend money on any other advertising,” Nick says. Before taking the plunge into the food industry, Nick worked in sales. “There is definitely an advantage to having a food truck over a brick-and-mortar restaurant. You have the ability to go and fish out your own clients. There’s always money to be made; you just have to make it happen.”

Where It’s At
Amaizing Corn Food Truck
8555 Home Depot Road, Irving 75063
Mon. - Sat., 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., Closed Sunday