Naughty Never Tasted So Nice

| by Nicole CritesRana Abla, or “Miss Naughty Brownie” as she is better known, insists that sharing is overrated – at least when it comes to her indulgent three-layer brownies. 

Her signature, mouth-watering brownies consist of layers of cookie dough and Oreo cookie with a fudgy homemade brownie on top. They are each individually packaged so customers can purchase any flavors they want, and they do not have to share their triple-layered sweets with anyone.

Abla said her “Miss Naughty Brownie” business has grown tremendously in the last year, giving some credit to Instagram and describing pictures of her brownies as “food porn,” but she also said that the unique, custom packaging is a big part of what has made them successful.

“It took months and months to come up with that packaging. Now, people taste the brownie and see the packaging, and that is what they love,” she said. “It’s the combination of the gourmet, luxury brownie thing.”

When Abla started her dessert business in 2012, she was focused on cakes, macaroons and other sweets until her son came to her with the idea of a three-layer brownie. She said she started experimenting with recipes until one day she finally got it right.

“One time, out of a sheer mistake, I reached the level of fudginess that I wanted. There is a trick to get it there,” she said, “and that mistake was the trick that I found.”

Whatever Abla’s secret trick is, it works. Her brownies are well-balanced – not too cakey, but not too fudgy – and each flavor is different but equally as delicious as the next. Every brownie has the layers of cookie dough and Oreos, but the brownie flavors on top change. 

Abla said the most popular is her original “Very Naughty Brownie,” but others include “Junk N’ The Trunk,” which is loaded with Reese’s, M&M’s, Heath chunks and Kit Kats; the “Lady in Red,” a red velvet brownie with white chocolate chips; and the “Tipsy Mama,” a chocolate brownie infused with a vanilla and citrus liqueur.

The naughty brownies can be ordered online from the “Miss Naughty Brownie” website or by phone and are shipped nationwide. Customers range from locals who may order a sample box of six brownies to large corporate party orders in other states.

While she works out of her home and corporate kitchens right now, Abla said she is planning on opening up a retail shop in the DFW Metroplex in the near future.