Meet the Man Behind Coffee Mug Shaving

A newly-launched Fort Worth company takes shaving back to the good 'ole days.

| by Sarah Jane Grisham |

It’s only fitting that the concept of Coffee Mug Shaving came to life early one morning. Around 4 a.m. two summers ago, Dean Fry woke up and scribbled down ideas about how he could share his two passions with the Fort Worth community: good coffee and a good shave.

Fry remembered what it was like to grow up in small town Liberty, Texas, frequently visiting the barbershop with his dad. He saw shaving done the old-school way, where the process was an art form and not a frantic five-minute scramble before rushing out the door.

Fry wanted to change that.

“We live in a disposable society,” he said. “This is not a disposable product.”

So a few months later, he began the process of establishing Coffee Mug Shaving, collaborating with all-natural Crowley-based skincare company Olive Tree Body Care to create a product line of shave soaps and beard oils, with names you would find on a coffee shop menu, like Amaretto, Espresso, and Mocha.

In addition to high-quality skin care products, Fry wanted durable shave brushes and accessories with a rustic aesthetic to be part of the Coffee Mug Shaving experience. He makes the brushes out of badger hair, known for its long-lasting quality, and he handcrafts the shave brush and razor stands out of metal and stone.

Coffee Mug Shaving products can be found on the counters of Fort Worth Barbershop and The Lathery. Fry, who launched his website in July 2016, also sells many products online, reaching the faces of customers in North Carolina, Arizona, and other states. 

Now without further ado, here’s the all-star lineup of products that make up the morning routine of the shave master himself.

Unscented Beard Oil: Fry says cologne users like himself should be wary of using an oil that would clash with the cologne’s fragrance, which is why he chooses a beard oil without scent.

Mocha Shave Soap: Fry lathers up with the aroma of coffee, a little chocolate, cinnamon, and a touch of creaminess. Fry says the soap works into a perfect texture that doesn’t dry out the skin.

Coffee Mug: As a self-described “klutz,” Fry needed a cup to lather his shave soap in that wouldn’t slip off his countertop. His solution? The steel cup with a handle, which looks just like an ordinary coffee mug.

Americano Shave Brush: Fry also uses a brush made with 100 percent badger hair, which naturally holds water, a key element in creating a good lather.