Your Guide to Luxury Sailing This Summer

Imagine waking up to the sun peeking through your luxury stateroom window as it rises over the Mediterranean. Maybe you roll out of bed and head straight to the gym for a quick workout, or instead you stroll through the elegant interior of the dining room and up to the fully furnished kitchen where you grab your coffee and gourmet breakfast before heading to the sundeck. There, a light Mediterranean breeze delivers the sounds of the waking harbor and the bustling city beyond.

One by one, the rest of your party joins you just as the captain briefs you on the course ahead, a course that you helped plan when you booked this trip. No, you’re not one of a thousand strangers stuffed onto a giant cruise ship, and you didn’t wake up in the life of a celebrity; instead, you and a few of your closest friends and family are enjoying a week-long vacation at sea aboard the 60-meter, six-bedroom Lady Sara ( luxury yacht charter.

With endless destination possibilities around the world and boat options that include luxury motor yachts, classic sailing yachts, and even super and mega yachts, an extravagant yacht charter is the ultimate method of travel for an unforgettable corporate, family or romantic getaway at sea. Best of all, with a great charter broker like Fraser, Burgess or Dream Yacht Charter, an experience like this is a breeze to plan.

Your luxury yacht charter adventure begins by first choosing a destination. Yachts typically move from summer to winter and stay in one region for an entire season. Are you looking to explore the Caribbean, visit a handful of glamorous European cities or explore the wilds of Alaska? There’s a yacht for that. Or perhaps your desired adventure includes a culinary cruise through Asia, a series of rainforest jaunts in South America, or diving the stunning reefs of Australia. No worries, there’s a yacht for that too. Better yet, set your course for real adventure, and charter an explorer yacht headed for the black-sand beaches of Antarctica or the endless wonders of the Galapagos Islands.

After you’ve chosen your destination, it’s time to choose the perfect vessel. From 30 meters to over 100 meters in length, there’s a yacht to match your destination, your party’s size and your unique taste for adventure. The mega yacht options come loaded with spa facilities, a cinema and an award-winning chef, while an elegant sailing yacht is perfect for island hopping in style. For intimate family getaways, the likes of the smaller 24-meter Orlando L ( are perfect for all ages with four bedrooms, a spacious interior and a collection of water toys from jet skis to snorkeling gear. Larger, family-friendly yachts like Finish Line ( offer water toys and sport-fishing opportunities alongside an especially kid-friendly environment designed specifically for fun and safety.

In addition to exquisite interiors, endless entertainment options and tons of room for sunbathing and all-day lounging, most yacht charters come complete with a professional, friendly and knowledgeable crew prepared to deliver every detail of your getaway while you waste no time relaxing. Whether it’s packing your favorite bottle of wine, preparing your favorite meal or pointing out the best diving spots and local eateries, they’ll have you covered.

But vacationing on a luxury yacht is not reserved for billionaires and celebrities only, so before you erase a yacht charter from your bucket list and settle for a tiny room on some monstrous cruise ship, consider a by-the-cabin charter. Rent your own cabin with a private bathroom and, instead of mingling with a thousand strangers, make a few new friends as you take part in yachting luxuries and gourmet meals. Best of all, enjoy private anchorages and snorkeling spots unavailable to those giant cruise ships.

Now imagine the sun setting over your favorite seascape in some tropical place you’ve only dreamed of going. Above you the stars are just beginning to twinkle while your favorite cocktail starts to perspire amid the warm ocean air. There’s still sand between your toes from the day’s adventure, and the smell of dinner drifting up from the kitchen teases your taste buds. This is only the end of day one on your chartered yacht.

How to Book
Most crewed yacht charters are booked through brokers who work directly with the yacht fleet. Like travel agents, brokers work on your behalf and protect your interests throughout the process. A great broker actually travels the globe to see the boats and meet the crews. A weeklong vacation aboard a 30- to 60-meter yacht can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $1 million. Then of course, there is the added cost of food, fuel, dockage and gratuity to consider. A great broker will know all of this up front and help prevent costly surprises. Begin by finding a broker who is a member of the American Yacht Charter Association ( or The Worldwide Yachting Association (