Health Tips from 6 Fort Worth Bloggers

From celery juice (no joke) to meditation, here's what fellow Fort Worthians are doing to stay fit.


Christy Smith

Check out a functional medicine doctor. Yes, it’s a thing. These are real doctors who are trained to treat the cause, not just the symptom. They give natural health solutions that include diet, meditation, exercise and nutritional supplements.
Be a smart consumer. Become more aware of the chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and other processed junk in your food. Think it through before you chew! We buy only organic and purchase all of our meat from Burgundy Local.

Get the essentials. Invest in a good set of pure essential oils to help support your health and wellness. I personally have been using and selling Young Living Essential Oils for more than six years.
Read. Get educated. For me, reading Medical Medium by Anthony William was a game-changer.
Unplug and recharge your batteries. Usually, this means limiting screen time, electronics and social media to enjoy the moment. I totally recommend this, except when it comes to my own blogging!

Katey McFarlan

Morning beverage recommendation. I like to start my mornings off with a glass of celery juice, which I originally started as an anti-inflammatory option for my eczema. It gives me energy with no crash for a class at The Pilates Concept!
Moms don’t get sick days. I have a 2-year-old, so I am constantly trying to dodge stomach bugs and colds in our home. I swear by TULA probiotics and can see a huge difference in my immune system when I forget to reorder.
Be a conscientious shopper. With ingredient-conscious purchasing becoming more popular, I always tell my readers to rethink a product they frequently purchase like deodorant or body wash. Native Deodorant is my favorite natural deodorant that truly stands up to the Texas heat and humidity.
What would a mother do? I still love a Diet Coke every now and then and rarely turn down a dessert. But before I indulge, I ask myself, “Would I give this to my toddler?” The simple question always helps me rethink an unhealthy treat.

Jade rolling FTW! This is one of my favorite beauty hacks that serves a dual purpose of keeping headaches at bay. When 2 p.m. hits and I feel a headache coming on, I’ll use my roller on my temples, and the tension is gone.

Jennifer Gilmore

Drink water! Don’t rely on sugary energy drinks. Drink the recommended amount of clean water daily. Skip the BPA bottled water. I use my S’well bottle and Hydro Flask bottle daily. They both keep my filtered water chilled all day.
Unprocessed and unrefined. Eat whole foods, which include organic fruits and vegetables. I recently completed the Whole Diet Challenge. As a result, I’ve lost 13 pounds, feel so much better and have identified a food sensitivity that was the root of my occasional digestive issues.
Stay on schedule. Schedule your workouts like you would a doctor’s appointment. I’ve found that when I put my workouts on the calendar and don’t leave them to chance, I stick to my routine. I use my Erin Condren Life Planner and Google calendar to keep me organized!
Treat yourself. Reward yourself with cute workout clothing, not food and alcohol. Each time I complete a 5K, like the Fort Worth Zoo Run or the Cowtown Marathon, I reward myself with a much-needed piece of fitness clothing. Athleta is my favorite brand for workout clothing. Its quality is excellent.
One workout buddy is not enough. Get a few workout buddies; knowing that a couple friends are waiting for me at the gym helps me to get off my butt! Recently, I’ve joined the Fitness Connection, a new gym here in Fort Worth. A few girlfriends and I take weekly fitness classes; we’re keeping fit together while thriving off the all-around good vibes.

Michelle Miles

Be happy with your workout. Find a workout routine that works for your body, your schedule and your mind. If you can enjoy the workout, you will see the results of your hard work. Pure Barre Fort Worth is my personal happy place!
Eat the good stuff. Spend more money on good food over anything else. What we put in our body is what you get out of it. Organic, cage-free, real ingredient foods; there’s a power in that.

Don’t sit. Not yet. When I find myself with a few spare minutes, I pop the kids in the stroller before we sit down and turn on the TV. There’s something to be said for fresh air, real conversation and time together outside that fills the soul.
Have a doc in your back pocket. I have been so lucky to get to know the doctors at The Emergency Center on University. When weird health issues pop up for myself or anyone in my family (kids included!), they answer my crazy questions, send me in the right, honest direction and constantly offer tips on how to keep us healthy. Personalized care has a big impact!
Multitasking self-care. As a mom, self-care is a daily struggle, but women are masterful multitaskers! Make an appointment at DryBar Fort Worth. They’ll bring you a cup of coffee, let you catch up on email and blow out your hair for you with the best-smelling products on the market — all at the same time.

Lauren Wessinger

Good sleep = a great day. When rested, we’re more resilient. To calm an overactive mind at night, make a mental list of 10 things you’re grateful for. This pulls your mind away from incessant thinking and allows everything to settle inside, welcoming sleep.
Take a moment to breathe. Before replying to an email or beginning a meeting, take three deep breaths. Encourage an exhale that’s twice as long as the inhale. This breathing pattern gives your nervous system the signal that all is well and quiets reactivity.
Slow down. Do you ever find yourself rushing around the office like something is chasing you? We often create a false sense of urgency simply by the speed with which we move through the day. Slow your pace and arrive to your next destination more present and clear-minded.
Schedule tech-free time. While our brains continually adapt to the use of technology, we also need a break. Schedule an hour a day where the phone and computer are off. Rest your eyes on nature or sky instead. Your brain will thank you. 
Commit to a meditation practice. A major finding in modern neuroscience is that the architecture of our brains can change. What we think about grows stronger, for better or worse. Develop a formal mindfulness practice to help foster a more-healthy relationship with your mind.

Lauren Selking

Think you’ve had enough to drink? Drink more. Drink water! I try to drink at least half of my body weight in ounces a day. I have an 18-ounce YETI cup that I try to fill up at 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. It is best to drink throughout the day, so this helps me pace myself and ensure I get the hydration I need.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. New classes and fitness routines can help keep you motivated. I love switching between yoga, running, barre, weight training and cycling! Check out the classes your gym has to offer and don’t be afraid to try something that peaks your interest; you won’t know if you love it if you don’t try it! If you aren’t sure what something is, you can always Google and find video examples about what a class might entail.
Busyness is never an excuse. If you are busy and need workouts on the go, my favorite training apps are FitOn and Vi Trainer. These apps allow you to work out from home. FitOn allows you to pick classes on demand and Vi Trainer helps improve your fitness by training you based off how you set your goals! 
Never underestimate the importance of the doc. Always stay on top of your regular doctor’s appointments; dentist, dermatologist and yearly physical exams are so important!
It’s okay to cheat … every now and then. Eat to fuel your body but treat yourself every once in a while too!

by Fort Worth Magazine staff