Flying Colors

Embroidered, embellished and emboldened – this year’s summer accessories aren’t for the faint of wardrobe. They are highly stylized with colors, patterns and no signs of matching. It’s the perfect way to elevate a dragging wardrobe or embrace a closet full of statement-makers. While some are calling it “folklore chic,” we just call it summertime.

From pom poms to parrots, these looks will make you say goodbye to your inner wallflower and hello to your inner maximalist.

Embellished leather sandals, Mabu by Maria BK, $200,

Conti Sunglasses in carnevale, champagne and 24K gold, Krewe, $275,

Beaded duffel bag by Street Level, Beehive Fort Worth, $68

Summer hat with colorful stripes, Beehive Fort Worth, $18

Chambray Embroidered Smoking Slipper with Parrots, Soludos, $65,

The Tulum Round Towel, The Beach People, $110,

Floral Super Skinny Flora Silk Scarf, Rockins, $145,

Crimson Tassel Collar Necklace, Lizzie Fortunato, $405, Neiman Marcus,

Tropical clutch, Beehive Fort Worth, $28