Give ‘Em Hale

| by Jessy Diamba |

Ever since she was a little girl, Bekah Hale knew she wanted to open up her own boutique.  “Growing up, my mother had her own sewing business, and so I have always had a passion for apparel, styling outfits, accessorizing, etc.” In high school, Hale worked part-time at a clothing boutique in Dallas called Cotton Island. “In between changing outfits three times a day, I was decorating my room and rearranging the furniture.”

She then followed family tradition and matriculated at the University of Arkansas, graduating with a business degree in Retail Marketing and Management. Ten days after graduating, Hale moved to Chicago for three years to expand her work experience before returning to her roots here in Fort Worth. 

Hale House arose from humble beginnings. “It all originally started out of our 1955 Airstream Bubble that my dad purchased on eBay. I would pack up all of my merchandise, mostly vintage-finds, and travel to local businesses, setting up shop during happy hour and selling my goods. One day I drove by 1800 Montgomery St., and the building with the blue airplane was for lease. I knew that it was time to set up shop permanently.”

Her father and brother are both pilots, “so it just seemed meant to be!” Hale’s second store, Hale House on Camp Bowie, carries the same goods the current Montgomery Street location carries, but they’ve added a larger apparel section to the mix. “I had always had my eyes on a Camp Bowie location; to me, Camp Bowie is in the heart of the Fort Worth shopping district and is the lifeline of Fort Worth.”

Throughout the entire journey, she never would have dreamed she’d have two boutiques at the same time in Fort Worth. “There is one thing for sure; I wouldn’t be successful without the help of my family, my fiancé Tyler, our friends and all of our loyal customers.”

Hale House is located on 1800 Montgomery Street and 4900 Camp Bowie Boulevard, across from Kincaid’s Hamburgers. Doors are open Tues.-Fri., from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., and Sat., from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Follow Hale House on Facebook at