Good ’Cue

| by Kacie Galloway |

Two words came to mind when I tasted Heim Barbecue’s bacon burnt ends: barbecue candy. The bite-sized morsels were sweet, smoky and peppery all at once, an explosion of unexpected deliciousness. I ate them slowly throughout the meal, already planning to return on Saturday to get more. These alone were enough to bring me back to Heim, but the bacon burnt ends ($6/quarter-pound) were not the only stars at the humble food truck.

The brisket ($10/half-pound) was out of this world, the kind you wait in long lines for. It was truly the star of the show, both smoky and incredibly tender with a delicious bark. We ordered the fatty portion, but Heim offers lean for those watching their calories. The meat was perfect by itself but also wonderful with Heim’s unique sauce. The pulled pork ($8/half-pound) was also delightful and tender, hand-pulled right in front of us. I was not a fan of the ribs, though; while they were flavorful and peppery, they were not tender enough for my taste.

Heim’s side dishes seem to rotate, so we tried the twice-baked potato salad and coleslaw, both great with unique twists and ample single servings. The slaw was made only with purple cabbage and was not overdressed, a welcome difference. There was also classic banana pudding for dessert, topped with freshly crumbled vanilla wafers. Heim gets bonus points for using real bananas.

The food truck is only open on Wednesdays for dinner and Saturdays for lunch, but according to Heim’s Facebook page, they often sell out before closing. I strongly suggest showing up early. If the weather is nice, there are several picnic tables under trees surrounding the truck, where businessmen, locals, families and friends enjoyed the good food and company. And with a bar next door, it’s easy to enjoy a cold Rahr & Sons beer with Heim’s delicious offerings. The food truck and outdoor seating also welcome pets and children. Refreshingly secluded from the bustle of other food hubs in town, Heim is truly a hidden gem.

Location: 201 E. Hattie St., Fort Worth
For Info Call: 817.876.2741
Price Range: $-$$
Hours: Wednesday 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.