Happy shopping!

If you are still wondering how to fill the space under the tree this holiday season, you have found the right place. We have thought about almost everyone on your list with gifts ranging in price from the affordable to the extravagant. Nearly everything is available online if you want to avoid holiday crowds, but most gifts can be purchased locally. Happy shopping!

by Jennifer Casseday-Blair

Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver, $98, Sears, sears.com

The semi-automatic driver with rapid bit index makes tackling that honey-do list easy. The WX254L includes two rapid reload cartridges that house six common screw driving bits each, making them easy to access and even easier to change. It is as easy as choosing the bit, rotating the cartridge, and shutting the chamber. When the trigger is pressed, an LED light automatically lights the task for better visibility in dark or hard to reach areas. The compact size allows the SD driver to fit into tight spots where a clunky drill is too big for the task.
fBike, $249, fBike, fbikedirect.com
The benefits of bicycling in general are well known – improved health, decreased pollution, increased savings on gas – and now fBike makes it easier than ever. The Everyday model is designed to conveniently fold up to store in your trunk, keep in the office and carry on the subway, bus or train. It’s available in three great colors: Graphite, Papaya and Margarita. The fBike is an affordable addition to a commuter lifestyle.
Patagonia MLC Carry-On Bag, $159, Backwoods, backwoods.com
This bag is prepared for anything. The Patagonia MLC Carry-On Bag functions as a backpack, shoulder bag or briefcase. The outer fabric is water repellent, and the bag folds open like a book so you can easily pack and unpack. A separate padded pocket can protect your laptop, and outer pockets can hold in-flight essentials. It comes in Narwhal Gray, Bandana Blue, Black and Seaweed (seen here).
BioLite Camp Stove, $129,
BioLite, biolitestove.com

This gift is perfect for the outdoorsman in your life. No need to pack heavy, expensive petroleum fuel. This stove cooks your meals with nothing but a few twigs you can collect along the way. It also coverts heat from the fire into usable electricity for charging your phone, light and other gadgets while you cook. At 8.25 inches tall and 5 inches wide, the BioLite Camp Stove is incredibly convenient to pack away for any hike or camping trip.
The Art of Fixing Things book, $12,
Amazon, amazon.com

Most men hate to admit they don’t know how to fix something. This book is a must read before tackling any project. It contains 150 tips and tricks for complete beginners and those with more experience. The easy-to-follow black and white photo illustrations ensure successful repairs on household appliances, cars and lawnmowers and so much more. Advice is also given on how to avoid injuries and setting your house on fire.
Roku Streaming Stick, $99.99,
Best Buy, bestbuy.com

Meet the easiest way to add streaming to your HDTV, blu-ray player and other products. Plug the Roku Streaming Stick into the MHL port of your TV, and you are set. Services available through Roku include: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO, Pandora and Showtime, just to name a few.
Fitbit Zip, $59.95, Brookstone,

Fitness gets a whole lot more exciting with this little gadget. Not only does the Zip track your steps, distance and calories burned, but also automatically syncs your information to PCs, Macs, the iPhone 4S, 5, iPod and the 3rd generation iPad. If you enjoy some healthy competition, the Zip can also challenge friends and family by sharing progress and comparing stats. You can wear it on your pocket, belt or bra, and it is rain, splash and sweat-proof with a replaceable watch battery that lasts up to six months.

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