History Meets Art

In collaboration with Historic Fort Worth, Inc., Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus students are presenting the results of their historical and creative research.

The new exhibit, Interconnected Endeavors, depicts significant places in the city that may be losing attention in modern times, such as Thistle Hill, Will Rogers Coliseum, the Fort Worth Power and Light plant and other sites on Fort Worth’s Most Endangered Places list.

A photo of the actual site accompanies each of the pieces in the show along with research reports the students created about the subjects of their work.

Angel Fernandez, Trinity River art associate professor, curated the show and said the project falls in line with the campus principles of interdisciplinary collaboration that mixes what is traditionally taught in a classroom setting with real-life experiences across a range of subjects.

Interconnected Endeavors is an interdisciplinary project featuring art and history highlighting Fort Worth’s rich architecture. 

“The idea came about when I visited the McFarland house to retrieve my wife’s work from Historic Fort Worth’s annual Preservation is the Art of the City exhibition,” Fernandez says. “I saw prints of the endangered sites and thought they would look great at the Trinity River Campus. In thinking of integrating the prints with student learning, it hit me: (1) Our community needs heightened awareness of the rich history. (2) My students can practice their perspective drawings skills. (3) History students can research the historical significance of the endangered sites. (4) Trinity River East Campus is a cutting edge building and a great setting for Interconnected Endeavors.”

Historic Fort Worth, Inc. is a local partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It was established in 1969 and is dedicated to preserving Fort Worth’s unique historic identity through stewardship, education and leadership.

Throughout the year, they hold special events to bring awareness to the need for preservation. HFW recently launched a hip new food source in the hospital district. The Food Park @ Thistle Hill at 1509 Pennsylvania Ave. allows locals to grab a quick bite while enjoying the historic estate, perfect for dining al fresco. For a calendar of its events and to find Fort Worth’s Most Endangered Places list, visit historicfortworth.org.

The Waterfall Gallery at Trinity River East Campus is located below the cascading end of the waterfall in the corridor connecting the Allied Health and Nursing buildings. Interconnected Endeavors will likely be featured long-term at the gallery.


Interconnected Endeavors
TREC Waterfall Gallery, free admission
245 E. Belknap St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102