Home is Where the Art Is

Artist Shelly Hamill Returns to her roots for a solo show in October at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Throughout her childhood, Hamill spent countless weekends hunting for treasure with her grandmother at estate and garage sales. She looked up to her grandmother, an artist and owner of an antique shop, finding inspiration in her curiosity and love of life. “If my grandmother wanted to know how to do something, she would take it apart and re-do it herself. She has a huge influence in my art. Like her, I’m always looking for a different way to do things, a different way to see things.”

When Hamill’s grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Hamill was awed by her grandmother’s strength as she received treatment. When Hamill and her grandmother ran across a set of pale pink china plates, she couldn’t resist. In honor of her fight, Shelly used the plates to create an extraordinary pink mosaic sculpture that was donated to the Joan Katz Breast Cancer Center at Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth.

Knowing first-hand the importance of breast cancer research and care, Shelly will donate a portion of each piece of art sold during the exhibition to the Baylor Health Foundation and Joan Katz Breast Cancer Center. “My grandmother was a survivor, and I am a direct recipient of all the new technology available today to diagnose and treat breast cancer early.  Making a donation is the right thing to do.”

“Love, joy, pain, tenderness and devotion look different on every person. Every landscape vista is unique and beautiful in its own way. I break those images into fragments and put them back together in a new way with texture. I invite people to touch the art and experience beauty in a new way.”