Hot Spot

Kalen Morgenstern, Chef de Cuisine at Tillman’s Roadhouse, is entering Hell’s Kitchen on FOX for Season 13.

This season will mark the 200th episode, a major milestone for the show.

Chef Gordon Ramsay talks about the season in the “first look” on the FOX website, raising the excitement for the premiere. 

“Season 13, it’s a big one. And it’s certainly not an unlucky number 13 because this year we had a blast,” said Ramsay.

Morgenstern will be competing alongside 17 other contestants, where they must prove their ability to work in teams in order to receive a black jacket.
As the season continues, contestants will be eliminated until there are only two chefs left.

They will be competing for the grand prize, a head chef position at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. —Lexi Johnson