It’s a Wrap!

The feature film Gallows Road has just completed shooting on location in Fort Worth and Aledo. Howard Porter, one of the film’s executive producers, lent his sprawling ranch in Aledo, which served as the primary location for the majority of the shoot. Two local churches, Aledo Church of Christ and Christ the King Church on Lackland Road, also had cameo appearances in the film.
   The film stars the Herculean talent of Kevin Sorbo, who is instantly recognizable from his time playing the title role on the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Sorbo recently starred in Soul Surfer and is currently promoting God’s Not Dead, due out this spring. Other veteran actors in the cast include Ernie Hudson, who is best known for his roles in Ghostbusters and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.
   “We worked with some unbelievable Texas talent as well on this project,” says producer Mary Jean Bentley. Bentley’s brother, Bill McAdams, began writing the script years ago while working on the set of Good Will Hunting. He completed it with the help of his mother and co-writer, Grace McAdams. Bentley says, “This movie is a family drama that speaks to all ages.”
   Porter says, “The film deals with current and critical issues that in some way affect us all. It centers around the struggles of dysfunctional lives and the hope that God would help us recover. It’s about brokenness and the path to a better tomorrow.”
   When a small-town man faces the devastation of having his entire family murdered, he retreats into fear and solitude. He must decide which road to take — the one leading to vengeance or the one leading to forgiveness. Bentley says, “We are currently in talks with Twentieth Century Fox regarding distribution and are hoping for a theatrical release in August.”  —Courtney Dabney