Midnight Snacks

While Whataburger or the Waffle house certainly served their purpose when you were in high school and college, here are some of the city's best "grown-up" options when you need a bite after midnight.

| by Courtney Dabney |

Velvet Taco

(Thurs. Open until 3 a.m., Fri. & Sat. open until 4 a.m.)

Known for their handmade tortillas, the menu is both unusual and affordable, making ordering the biggest challenge.  You have to ask yourself, "Am i in the mood for the ROast Pork Bahn Mi or maybe the Grilled Mediteranean Flank?"  If you can't decide, you could just go with the Hangover Burger - just to be on the safe side.

Flying Saucer
Draught Emporium

(Sun.-Tues. open until
1 a.m., Wed.-Fri. open
until 2 a.m.).

The Saucer's vast biergarten is the perfect place to enjoy after-hours people watching. With an eclectic menu, you will find something to suit every late-night craving. From Bratwurst to Shepherd's Pie, this downtown gastro pub serves up great grub.

Ol' South Pancake House
(Open 24 hours)
The German pancakes are epic. Ordering a Dutch Baby might make you feel better about yourself in the short-term, but let's face it, by the time you have licked your plate clean of butter, lemon and powdered sugar, you are going to want to order another one anyway.

Rodeo Goat
(Fri. & Sat. open until 2 a.m.)
Widely regarded as some of the best burgers in town — and I certainly agree — their casual patio is the place to take in the stars and strap on your late-night feed bag. With mouthwatering varieties like the Cowboy Murrin featuring fried onions, jalapeños, pickle chutney and bar-b-que sauce, The Goat is calling your name.

Fuzzy’s on Berry
(Fri. and Sat. open
until 3 a.m.)

Like Fort Worth's "poet laureate" Pat Green once said, "Someday I hope to walk along heaven's street, and I'll still be looking for my taco meat." Hey man...we can all relate! The Berry Street location is the only one catering to those red-eye taco runs, and their loaded nachos are sure to set off a feeding frenzy.

Benito's Mexican

(Fri. & Sat. open until 2 a.m.)
This is one of my favorite places to go when dressed in formal attire. Benito's features authentic Mexican mole sauces and slow-cooked guisado (stews). You cannot go wrong with the Migas or any of the Huevos Rancheros selections. You might even try something completely different, like the Tamale Oaxaqueno —tamales wrapped in banana leaves.

Café Brazil
(Thurs.-Sat. open 24 hours)
A cornerstone of the TCU campus, Cafe Brazil is always aglow with laptops and cell phones. Specialty coffee concoctions like Crème Brulée or English Toffee are like dessert in a cup. Breakfast foods abound — omelets, crepes, pancakes and French toast are sure to hit the spot.

Live Oak Music
Hall & Lounge

(Saturday open
until 2 a.m.)

The rooftop dining area feels like a tree house for adults. You can nosh on Bruschetta, Risotto or Loaded Fries topped with Revolver Bock braised pork and a mixture of cheeses. Enjoy twinkle lights dripping from live oak branches and a wonderful skyline view of downtown.