Most Decadent Local Desserts

There is much dispute about who actually should be credited with the phrase, “Life is short; eat dessert first,” but we all agree with the sentiment. On our list of the 23 most decadent desserts around town, you are sure to find many of your own favorites, as well as a few desserts that will make you realize just how sweet life can be.

Texas Chevre Cheesecake $9

Two dense, palm-sized discs with tender graham cracker crust are served crust-side up. These dainty cheesecakes are not too sweet and have an unusual goat cheese tang. They are garnished with a mouth-watering drizzle of local honey from Texas Honeybee Guild, fresh rosemary, bee pollen from Allen Natural Honey and plump seasonal berries. The fluffy
house-made goat cheese and cream cheese mixture is refreshingly different.
Magnolia Cheese Company
1251 W. Magnolia Ave., 817.945.2221,

Lili’s Doughnuts and Coffee Ice Cream $12
What is more appealing than coffee and doughnuts? This sharable dessert (trust would be embarrassed to order one on your own) consists of four handmade doughnuts and the holes served golden brown and hot from the fryer. They are dusted liberally with powdered sugar and drizzled with both chocolate and vanilla icings. Lili’s serves it with a big scoop of coffee ice cream on the side, making this sizable creation the perfect blend.
Lili’s Bistro
1310 W. Magnolia Ave., 817.877.0700,

Cherries Jubilee $8.95

You can only enjoy this pyrotechnic flashback dessert on Fridays or Saturdays after 5 p.m. Marinated Bing cherries are flambéed in a brandy and cherry liqueur sauce right before your eyes and served over three scoops of vanilla ice cream. Cherries Jubilee is a throwback to the ’50s and ’60s, and Lucile’s is the only place around still flaming the brandy tableside. You gotta love that one-of-a-kind Rat Pack chic.
Lucile’s Stateside Bistro
4700 Camp Bowie Blvd., 817.738.4761,

Buñuelos $5

Most cultures around the globe have some form of fried dough dessert. In Mexico City, you find the type they serve at Revolver Taco Lounge. Many Mexican-style pastries are heavy on the dough and light on the sugar, but these are dipped in a piloncillo (concentrated sugar cane with cinnamon) “honey syrup” that keeps the American sweet tooth interested. These light and crispy Buñuelos are thin, fried discs of pastry dough. They boast a rich caramel flavor, golden brown straight from the fryer like the ones you would find at a typical street fair in Mexico.
Revolver Taco Lounge
2822 W. 7th St., 817.820.0122,

Truluck’s Chocolate Bag $19 (intended to share)

This is one of Truluck’s original desserts. Operating Partner Bo Dorton says, “We make all of our desserts in-house, and this one is pretty unique.” They start by tempering chocolate and painting the inside of a wax paper bag to create the form. “We fill the bag with layers of freshly made dense pound cake, blueberries, strawberries, our famous cream cheese icing, spiced pecans and whipped cream, then top it off with more blueberries, strawberries, spiced pecans and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint,” says Dorton. It is cut open tableside by a server, revealing the fillings, and then it is drizzled with warm Godiva chocolate sauce to complete the composition.
1420 Plaza Place , Southlake, 817.912.0500,

Black Forest Cake $2.95 per slice, $20 whole 8-inch cake

At Swiss Pastry Shop, this is their true claim to fame. They call it the “uncake” filled with crunchy layers of almond flour meringue, fresh whipped cream. The sides are decorated with chocolate sprinkles, and the top is covered with chocolate shavings. The combination is unique. It just never gets old, no matter how many slices of Black Forest that you have eaten at birthday parties, special occasions or even those little afternoon rewards that were oh-so-well-deserved. An ample slice is served frozen so the whipped cream layers slice neatly. This one is also gluten free.
Swiss Pastry Shop
3936 W. Vickery Blvd., 817.732.5661,

Smoked Bacon Flan With Chocolate Caramel $8

Chef Lanny Lancarte Jr. says, “A few years back when it seemed bacon was on every dish including sweet, I decided to do a play with it on our flan. I believe it first appeared on our menu seven years ago, and we change our menu often, so it has since disappeared but will soon reappear.” This super creamy flan is richer than most, due to the additional fat content. It harnesses a pronounced smoky bacon flavor that is unusual and not very sweet. “There is a bit of sweetness at the back end,” says Lancarte. It is garnished with pineapple brulée and praline.
Lanny’s Alta Cocina
3405 W. 7th St., 817.850.9996,

Assorted Mochi $5

We know we included mochi ice cream twice, but we just couldn’t decide which was our favorite. An izakaya is the kind of place that friends meet after work, before catching their train home in Tokyo. Shinjuku Station is a stylish izakaya with a creative, small-plates format, styled after similar spots that you find dotted all around the world’s busiest train station. Their variation on mochi is traditional in that they are small scoops of ice cream encased in sweet rice cake and dusted lightly with rice flour, but slightly Anglicized by the ice cream flavors inside. One order is fun to share, presenting three mochi filled with vanilla, strawberry and mango.
Shinjuku Station
711 W. Magnolia Ave., 817.923.2695,

Mochi Ice Cream $4

In Japan mochi (sweet rice cakes, pounded to a smooth but chewy consistency) are the semi-sweet treat of choice. They are served by street vendors on bamboo skewers. Traditionally, mochi are filled with red bean paste or the like. But stateside it is more common to find them filled with ice creams (because American taste buds are just not ready for red bean paste). Creamy and not-too-sugary green tea, red bean or mango-flavored ice creams are wrapped in a layer of sweet rice cake.
Little Lilly Sushi
6100 Camp Bowie Blvd. #12, 817.989.8886,

Bread Pudding With Cognac Sauce $7

The heavenly rectangle of bread pudding is made fresh daily and smothered in hot cognac sauce, which consists of nothing more than butter, water, cognac and sugar. They layer fresh (never day old) Texas toast and French bread in this recipe. “That is important because it makes for a lighter and moister pudding,” says Chef Franson Nwaeze. “We have tried many different variations — like raisins, fruits or chocolate, but they don’t sell. People only want the plain bread pudding with its simple ingredients like vanilla, cream and sugar,” he says. “We brown the top and bottom of each slice for presentation.”
Chef Point Café
5901 Watauga Road, Watauga, 817.656.0080,

Ice Cream Flight $9

To say that Chef Nehme Elbitar is passionate about his uniquely flavored ice creams would be an understatement. He is obsessed. His most popular creations include: rose water, pomegranate, tamarind, Turkish coffee, spice cream, or amazing and creative combinations like avocado honey, corn and cinnamon, mango cheyenne, and chocolate jalapeño, all made in-house by the master. The flight is a surprising combination that changes daily. They are the perfect sampler for a table full of friends to share.
Chadra Mezza
1622 Park Place Ave., 817.926.3992,

Lemon Meringue Pie $3.10 per slice or $15.40 whole pie

Paris Coffee Shop has been ranked as one of America’s 10 Best Places for Pie by Bon Appétit and has been featured on the Food Network’s Sugar High, where their Coconut Meringue was made from scratch. But we love that tart Lemon Meringue best of all (and you can only get it on Friday, which gives a whole new meaning to TGIF). The brag-worthy, flaky crust is filled with the tartness of freshly squeezed lemons in a creamy filling. Then they mound fluffy fresh meringue, measuring just over 2 inches tall and brown it ever so slightly. One slice won’t be enough. Go ahead and order the whole pie.
Paris Coffee Shop
704 W. Magnolia Ave., 817.335.2041,

Del’s Delight $10.00

We suggest you sip slowly on this rich and luxurious grown-up milkshake. A blend of walnut liqueur, chocolate liqueur and vanilla ice cream round out this creamy indulgence. As if we would expect anything but the best from this elegant establishment.
Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House
812 Main St., 817.877.3999,

Red Velvet Cake $7.50

Leave it to Michael Thomson to kick the classic American red velvet cake into high gear with a hint of ancho chile in his bright red batter. Even the cream cheese frosting is not your standard. It’s spiked with a dash of bourbon and pieces of his house-made ancho chile pecans. This three-layer cake is served with tart, fresh raspberry sauce on the plating. The kickin’ cream cheese frosting alone would be worth mentioning it, but Red Velvet is very popular these days, and this one is an amazing Southwestern update on the charming Southern favorite.
Michael’s Cuisine
3413 W. 7th St., 817.877.3413,

Gigi’s Chocolate Amaretto Cake With Drunken Cherries $7

“It’s basically a recipe from my Gigi, who passed away last year at age 99. She got it from Anne Lindberg (wife of Charles Lindberg). Apparently, he and my grandfather were fly-buddies together,” said Chef Jon Bonnell. “I love the story almost as much as the cake itself. This cake comes out with a lightly crispy crust on top and a gooey chocolate center that’s somewhat messy but packed with rich flavor.” Bonnell gilded his grandmother’s recipe just slightly by adding a topping of Amaretto-Spiked Whipped Cream as a garnish.
Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine
4259 Bryant Irvin Road, 817.738.5489,

Cupcakes $3

I am only featuring one cupcake place, and this is definitely the right choice. Alli B’s presentation is tantalizing with beautifully piped icings and embellishments, but unlike so many other cupcakes around town, you won’t be tempted to lick the icing and throw away the cake — it is moist and flavorful too. I would highly suggest sampling some of Alli B’s best flavors like: Maple Bacon, Orange Chiffon, Lemon Blueberry, Red Velvet, White Wedding, and Toasted Coconut.
Alli B’s Bakery
8502 Benbrook Blvd., Ste. A, 817.249.2222
1030 E. Hwy. 377, Ste. 112, 817.573.4444,

Chocolate Meringue Pie $4 per slice or $30 whole pie

Owner/Baker Marche Ann Mann says, “It’s our No. 1 best seller.” There is something old fashioned and comforting about this Southern specialty, topped with endless glistening meringue that is swirled into tantalizing golden peaks. Mann describes it this way: “We’re all about the butter here at the Black Rooster. [It] makes the flakiest of piecrusts. We use 100 percent dark Belgian chocolate. It’s so smooth, creamy and yummy. So funny, we have people ask if it’s “real” meringue. They think we add marshmallow fluff. But it is 100 percent meringue piled high!”
Black Rooster Bakery
2430 Forest Park Blvd., 817.924.1600,

Smores in a Jar $6.75

It is a nostalgic twist on the old campfire classic — served chilled in a Mason jar. This three-layer dessert starts with a cinnamon graham cracker crumb base; then a layer of dark chocolate pudding is added in the middle. Just before presentation, the crowning glory of fresh marshmallows is torched until golden brown. The only thing left to do is grab a spoon and fight for your fair share.
801 W. Magnolia Ave., 817.945.1545,

Lemon Molten Cake $8

Summertime simply screams for citrus desserts. You’re probably familiar with molten chocolate cake, but here is Chef Molly McCook’s summery, citrusy twist on the tantalizing classic. Warm lemon cake gives way to a gooey white chocolate filling. The plate is decorated with a compote of fresh blueberries. The menu is always changing with the seasons at Ellerbe, so get a taste of the Lemon Molten Cake before it vanishes.
Ellerbe Fine Foods
1501 W. Magnolia Ave., 817.926.3663,

Key Lime Pie $7

This is the most amazing Key Lime Pie anywhere. The buttery graham cracker crust has toasted pecans mixed in, adding a nutty richness and serving as a crunchy garnish. Packed with tart, freshly squeezed lime juice, the filling is creamy and delicious with flecks of lime zest blended evenly throughout. They top each generous slice with a dollop of European-style unsweetened whipped cream and more grated lime zest for good measure.
The Tavern
2755 S. Hulen St., 817.923.6200,

Dessert Tacos $7.95

Chef Juan Rodriguez says this popular creation has been on Reata’s menu as long as he can remember. He begins with a crunchy sugar tuile cookie molded in the shape of a taco shell; then he fills it with Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream. Two dessert tacos are plated resting in a pool of chocolate sauce and garnished with caramelized bananas, fanned strawberries, white chocolate shavings and chopped mint. He says, “When you get a taste of all those fresh ingredients in one bite, it just goes great together.”
310 Houston St., 817.336.1009,

Pavlova $9

Anna Pavlova was the Russian-born Prima Ballerina who took the world by storm at the turn of the last century. Her amazing turns en pointe made her appear lighter than air. A meringue-based dessert was made in her honor while Pavlova performed throughout the world. Pastry Chef Bria Downey has created her own spin on this well-traveled dessert. The baked meringue base is super light and extra crisp, filled with light whipped cream, and topped with chocolate mousse and cocoa nibs. While the garnish changes daily, you might expect to find elegant touches like Valrhona chocolate, candied hazelnuts or even a candied Frangelico “glass shard” topper.
Bird Café
155 East 4th St., 817.332.2473 ,

Lemon Cheesecake $7

How can I describe Chef Jerrett Joslin’s Lemon Cheesecake? Joslin describes it simply as “a traditional New York-style cheesecake.” But, it is way more than that! When pressed for details, he says, “It is luscious with whole vanilla beans and fresh eggs whipped to just the right consistency. We took the recipe that we used to serve at Randall’s Gourmet Cheesecakes and tweaked it a bit. I guess you could say that it has that love factor.” At the Wild Mushroom, they serve it garnished simply with a freshly sliced lemon wheel, giving the dish a vanilla and citrus scent.
The Wild Mushroom
1917 Martin Drive, Weatherford, 817.599.4935,