Most Embarrassing Beauty Questions Answered

You don’t want to ask them, so we did. You’re welcome. Between tips from women like you and input from professionals, we’ve got your beauty basics covered.

1. How do I keep from sweating through my blouses? In the summer months, nothing is more awkward than meeting a client with sweat stains on your blouse. Simple fix: Wear an undershirt. Switching deodorant may help, too. Try a brand that focuses on deterring sweat, like Secret Clinical Strength. Or invest in lighter blouses, like the Ann Taylor Silk Cotton Camp Shirt. If simple tricks don’t help or you’re consistently sweating through all your clothes, talk to your doctor. You may have hyperhidrosis, a treatable condition that your doctor can help you confront.

2. Why does my breath smell despite brushing regularly?

Spencer Hoyt, D.D.S., of FLOSS Dentistry, cleared this up for us: “It’s because they don’t go to FLOSS yet.” On a more serious note, plaque build-up on teeth can lead to bad breath and gingivitis. Plaque, the yellow-white substance that dentists scrape off during routine visits, smells awful and contributes to tooth decay. Check your teeth for plaque and consistently rid yourself of the problem by brushing and flossing regularly and keeping up with your dentist. “Regular cleanings help to maintain fresh breath,” Hoyt said.

3. How can I prevent acne during summer months?

Esthetician Heather Rusher of Perfect Touch Day Spa gave us her tip. “My favorite product is the Dermalogica overnight clearing gel because it’s 2 percent salicylic acid,” Rusher said.
“You have to be very careful to use sunscreen in your moisturizer. There’s also a Dermalogica concealing spot treatment with benzyl peroxide.”

4. How can I reduce/eliminate large pores?

“Extractions are usually the best way to do that,” Rusher said. If you’d prefer a less painful alternative, you can also use a clay mask. Go in to Perfect Touch Day Spa and ask for the dermal clay cleanser and refining mask.

5. What are some remedies for excess facial hair?

Avoid shaving! “Waxing is usually the best way to do that because you remove the hair by the roots,” Rusher said. “Once you remove the hair by the roots so many times, you end up destroying the hair follicle, which allows the hair not to grow back anymore.”

6. How do I prevent getting a rash along my bikini line after shaving?

In such a sensitive area, it’s easy to develop irritation. Rusher offers her unique tip: deodorant. “A little secret that I’ve learned is that deodorant works well. I noticed that I never get ingrown hairs under my arms, so I tried it one day and it worked great!”

7. How do I reduce the appearance of cellulite? First of all, don’t stress about it. According to Jeff Robinson, owner of Perfect Touch Day Spa, a whopping 80 percent of women have cellulite, and if you’re prone to it, there’s no way to completely eliminate it forever. It’s a completely natural way for the body to store fat. If the appearance of cellulite bothers you, consider going in for a treatment. “We have a machine called a TriActive that utilizes massage, cooling and laser to break up the connective tissue that causes the appearance of cellulite,” Robinson said. “After three to four [45 minute] treatments, people will start to see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.”