New Technology for FWPD

Drug dealers are footing the bill for new technology that will help reduce complaints against police officers caught in a he-said-she-said situation. Video evidence is compelling, and the Taser Axon Flex On-Officer video camera provides what the product’s website indicates as “body armor for the courtroom.” This small camera can be mounted on eyewear, caps, shirt collars or helmets to capture the officer’s perspective.

A recent study conducted by the International Chiefs of Police suggests 93 percent of officer complaints are dismissed when there is video evidence. There are dash cams on patrol vehicles, why not on the men and women sworn to serve and protect? It’s a question the Fort Worth Police Department is exploring. Their recent order of 145 units cost about $670,000, Sgt. Scott Sikes said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The money to purchase these video cameras was seized from drug dealers.