The Perfect Pout

Thin lips that disappear when you show your pearly whites just don’t hold the same appeal as luscious, healthy-looking and kissable lips.

by Jennifer Retter

Audrey Hepburn once said, “For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.” Good tip, but sometimes that’s not quite enough. Since not all of us were born with Angelina Jolie’s full pout, lip injections look appealing. But why risk infection when you can simply follow a few tips?

Nourish-Mint Salon owner Heather McCoy clued us in on getting plump lips with little risk. Lemongrass Salon, located in University Park Village, offers a line of Aveda products called Nourish-Mint.
“[The line has a] nourishing renewing lip treatment with vanilla and peppermint in it, which will naturally plump the lips,” McCoy said. “It smoothes out the lines in and around the lips as well, so it will give your lips more of a full appearance.”
Caution: Don’t expect to walk out of the salon with perfect lips the same day. “It’s not something that you’ll notice overnight, but if you consistently use it, you will definitely notice a fuller lip,” McCoy advised.

Mascara Wand Magic Master Stylist Brittany Tedder of Lemongrass Salon works with our very own magazine models to get them picture perfect, so we trust her quick-fix advice; after all, we’ve seen it in action!
If you have a special event approaching and need some fast plumping, Tedder suggests brushing a mascara wand or toothbrush on your lips (Make sure it’s clean, of course!). To enhance exfoliation, use Aveda Tourmaline Skin Refiner while you brush your lips. Use a warm washcloth to remove the refiner and soften lips, and you’re set to go.

Line Correctly Miss USA 1996 lives right here in Fort Worth and isn’t shy about sharing her beauty tips. Marcia Gonzales of Stylemakers Salon, located on West Lancaster, emphasizes the importance of lip lining to her clients. By simply identifying your appropriate lip outline, applying a lip extender can push the width a bit more.
“We have a lip extender from Christi Harris to outline lips,” Gonzales said. “Everybody who wants a longer lip has a soft light nude around their lip. If you put the lip extender above that and put the liner on the natural outline of your lip, it enhances your lip even more. With a lip extender, you don’t need any kind of injection or surgery.”

Keep It Natural Bright red certainly makes your lips stand out, but not necessarily look any plumper. And since many men prefer a natural look, there’s no need to go all out with bright shades to get kissable lips.
“I honestly love a natural lip, like something soft,” Gonzales said. “It looks extremely sexy when it’s a natural lip.”
Visit the stylists at Lemongrass Salon (1612 S. University Drive, Ste. 403) and Stylemakers (1201 W. Lancaster Ave.) for a personal evaluation of your makeup style.