Sweet Talk

 If you ask me, we have this whole dessert thing backward. Brownies should be the first course to any meal as far as I’m concerned. Yep, I was that kid at the party who asked for the corner piece with the most icing. As I grew up and my metabolism slowed down, I can’t partake as I used to but still enjoy the occasional sugar therapy.
       I’m not ashamed to admit that of the 23 local desserts featured in our cover story (page 44) this month, I’ve tried nearly all of them. While it is unfathomable to ask me to choose just one, if hard pressed for my last meal request, I would ask for Chef Molly McCook’s Lemon Molten Cake from Ellerbe. It’s similar to the familiar chocolate molten cake but with a citrusy twist. Warm lemon cake encompasses a gooey white chocolate filling. A fresh blueberry compote and cream surround the cake, and then it’s dusted lightly with powdered sugar. One bite will make you smile. Because the menu is seasonal, I’m not sure how long this taste of heaven will be around. So I would seize the moment and order one while you still can.
       This month we also feature several local women who never think twice about seizing the moment. Eleven “motorcycle mamas” are spotlighted in Free-Wheelin’ Women on page 60. From plastic surgeons and attorneys to administrators and soccer moms, these (some might say) unlikely characters love nothing more than taking to the open road in their free time. In fact, female riders are embracing this pastime at a staggering rate.
       In the story, one of the ladies says it best: “It’s a leveling thing; everybody is the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re an attorney, a physician, a landscaper. Everybody is part of the fraternity, the sorority. Nobody talks about what they do for a living — they talk about their greatest ride, longest ride, scariest ride. It’s all about what they do with their bikes.”
So this summer, try throwing caution (and calorie counting) to the wind and indulge in some of the sweetest gifts our area has to offer.