Tank Tops, Tattoos and Tater Tots. Oh My!

Like some other restaurants, Jakes Hamburgers has a typical style of waitress. She is usually a well-trained, hard-working, college-aged gal in a tank top and low-rise jeans. They just seem to add to the ambience of this popular sports bar-themed burger

by Courtney Dabney
The other thing Jakes is most known for is its poppy seed crusted bun. The seeds add that extra crunch to the array of tasty burgers. Everyone is apparently not as fond of these buns as I am, and, thanks to suggestions by customers, Jakes began offering a non-poppy seed version back in March. But if you don’t mind strangers feeling sorry for you when you smile with those little black poppy seeds in your teeth for hours afterward, I would suggest the original.
The Stuffed Jalapeños ($4.29) are not your standard fare. They have a super crunchy coating and fresh buttermilk ranch dipping sauce like you would expect. But, these are halved red jalapeños with a noticeably mellower flavor. They are stuffed with a tangy chili cream cheese rather than the typical shreds of melting cheddar.
Most of the specialty burgers come with double meat, (two thin, freshly handmade patties). But here’s a tip. You can also order any of them with single meat if you want to dial it down a bit. Every time I fail to do this, I wish I had. The Jakes Special ($5.99) is the classic with mustard, mayo, pickles, thin slices of tomato and shredded lettuce. It adds a dose of Thousand Island Dressing to the mix.
The Texas Chili Burger ($6.59) is punctuated by the smoky hickory sauce and Hormel style chili, along with grilled onions and cheese. This one is not as messy as you would think and a new favorite of mine. Of course, the standard wrappers help, as well as keeping your burger hot until the very last bite. The Mushroom Swiss Burger ($6.39) is stuffed with sautéed mushrooms and melting Swiss cheese between the two patties. Every variety is juicy and packed with the flavor of whichever toppings and additions you request.
Choose from hand-cut, skin-on fries, tater tots or crispy crinkle cut sweet potato fries dusted with cinnamon and sugar and served with marshmallow dipping sauce on request for your a la carte side.
Not in the mood for a burger? There are chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers and a tempting array of salads as well, if you are so inclined. For dessert, Jakes fries up Cheesecake Bites ($3.29) with a gooey center and graham cracker crust, served with powdered sugar and strawberry syrup. Simply addictive.
Greg and Marty Garvey started the franchise in Dallas along with Jake Keller, of Keller’s Burgers, back in 1985. The Garveys eventually bought out Mr. Keller and have earned a solid reputation across the Metroplex.
Jakes has two locations in Fort Worth — one downtown, and the location I frequent on Camp Bowie. Its interior boasts a high-end finish-out and awesome patio, thanks to the former resident, Duce. The walls give a nod to both TCU and Lockheed Martin, along with a collection of 18th-hole flags, Rangers jerseys and neon beer signs. It has flat screens playing every conceivable sporting event.
No matter what your game is, the casual atmosphere is the place to hangout on game day.