Tuned In

Style and music collide this month in our cover story highlighting local soul singer/songwriter Leon Bridges (Coming Home, page 32) and in our Inside Design feature that showcases the home of Green River Ordinance band member Jamey Ice (The Ice House, page 54).

Jamey and his wife, Melissa, welcomed us into their newly renovated home in the historic Fairmount district. The style is eclectic-meets-modern farmhouse, and every square foot of the home exudes charm. Beyond their knack for interior design, Jamey and Melissa, married for eight years, live extraordinary lives.

Melissa founded The Net, a Fort Worth-based non-profit that supports the homeless, refugee children, and women affected by the sex industry. 

Jamey and his brother formed the popular rock band, GRO. After recording their first album in their church’s basement, GRO was soon booking gigs every weekend and even opened for Bon Jovi. In 2009 the band released its first major label debut on Virgin Records and now has coveted spots on tours and on television.

The couple also owns the gastropub/coffeehouse, BREWED, on West Magnolia Avenue. Jamey says, “We really wanted to create a space that would help shape culture, a place where people could come and have great experiences, conversations and exchanges of ideas.”

Another local musical talent with impeccable style is up-and-comer Leon Bridges. He’s known for his signature 1950s look and a cool Sam Cooke-esque sound. Leon classifies his music as Southern soul, and he is releasing his first major album with Columbia Records in June.

He says, “When people hear my music, I want them to identify with the past. I want them to think back to when they first heard the sound with their grandparents when they see me play. That’s why I wanted to make the way I dress consistent; so when they see me play, they are immediately brought back to that time, and it makes them feel good.”

Already gaining national recognition, Leon has been covered in Esquire magazine and appeared on The Late Late Show. He told us about his upcoming shoot with Vogue and a future spot on Saturday Night Live. Leon treated the magazine staff to a brief private performance following the fashion shoot. Go to fwtx.com/videos for a chance to check out his soulful sound.

Jennifer Casseday-Blair
Executive Editor