After a late lunch on Magnolia, I heard a couple of kids riding by on bikes say, “Wow! That’s a cool bus.” As I turned to look, I saw a restored school bus emblazoned with the word “WOW” in bright colors. Stepping aboard, the bus was jam-packed with famous literary works.
   Metal shelves holding hardbacks and paperbacks were separated with cushioned reading areas, and additional whimsical touches such as throw rugs, pillows, a ceiling covered with book pages and Scrabble tiles spelling out fun messages make the space magical.
   Tina Stovall is the driving force behind this mobile library. She considers this project a community service and is dedicated to “keeping books alive.” Stovall’s passion for the printed word caused an overflow of books in her townhouse. She decided she would rather give them away than sell them for nothing at a discount bookstore.
   Visitors may take any book they like for free or stay a while to enjoy reading on site. Once the collection has reduced, Stovall hopes she can restock the bus with books donated by others in the community.

For a good read, visit 1455 W. Magnolia Ave.