Bank of Texas

# 6 Best Company to Work For - Large Companies

What they do: Full-service banking and wealth management company

Employees: 173 Tarrant County, 4,962 companywide

What employees love: Employee events and recognition; attentive leadership; wellness initiatives that include Naturally Slim weight-loss program, brown bag lunch webinars, biometric screenings for employees and spouses, paid health club membership, and boot camps; quarterly call for all employees; job shadowing and cross-training; volunteering during work hours; bonus plan that includes $500-$1,500 employee referral bonuses; annual employee event; birthday, potluck, breakfast meet and greet, new employee happy hour celebrations. Stephanie Reyes, a lending support specialist assigned to the health care banking segment in the downtown Fort Worth office, says she likes the lack of silos. “I know if I need help or somebody needs help, nobody balks,” says Reyes, who’s worked at the bank for more than five years. She also appreciates the professional development opportunities at the bank. “They really encourage everybody to seek opportunity for their own growth, professionally and personally. They encourage us to look anywhere. All you have to do is raise your hand.”

Cool benefit: Long Live Your Ideas program with $10,000 cash prize added for one winner in 2017. In the program’s first year last year, three of the top five ideas were assigned to working groups to explore and implement, covering topics like referrals, document management, and social responsibility. In this year’s contest, 139 ideas were submitted. “The top four are currently being reviewed,” Cristie Escochea, vice president, regional community relations and marketing for the bank, says. 

“I love working at Bank of Texas for several reasons, but one of the highlights is that I feel valued. It has been proven to me time and time again that my opinion counts and that I’m an integral part of the team. Our team is always willing to help out when needed, no matter the task or whether it crosses departmental lines. We’re all here to reach the same goal. I’ve also been encouraged to learn more and seek out opportunities for growth. There is a noticeable effort to maintain and groom the existing talent. We are a priority.”

- Stephanie Reyes, Lending Support Specialist