Qualbe Marketing Group

#2 Best Company to Work For - Above 50 Employees

Libby Coker, website optimization manager
Years with company: May 2012

When you’re fresh out of college, you have an expectation that your first job will merely serve as the first rung on your career ladder to success. For me, working at Qualbe has changed that perspective. I could tell from my first interview that this company cares about the personal development and well-being of its employees, and that people are really key in how the company operates and makes decisions.

Since joining Qualbe, I have had the unique opportunity to train in diverse areas that have allowed for quick growth, both personally and professionally into a management role. Company-wide business goals, reading competitions and paid time to attend conferences and networking events are just a few of the ways Qualbe encourages development. Employees are able to apply their training and participate in company direction by submitting ideas directly to leadership, which contributes to a sense of unity across departments. I’ve experienced a number of opportunities and challenges that have really molded my career, and it’s been incredibly satisfying to work in an environment that facilitates your development. Qualbe has become my career, and I’m motivated to contribute to its growth because it has invested so much into mine.