Best Ice Creams/Gelato 2017

Reader Pick

Lumi Snow Dessert Company

At Lumi Snow Dessert Company, they don’t serve ice cream or shaved ice...they serve “snow cream.” While vacationing in California, Cody and Lia Carta fell in love with the Taiwanese-inspired concept of shaved snow. They brought this unique dessert to Fort Worth but added a new twist by incorporating fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our favorite on the menu is The Craving, which blends chocolate snow with crushed oreos, potato chips, fudge, sea salt caramel and chocolate chips. It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure.

7355 N. Beach St.

Staff Pick

Gypsy Scoops

With a traveling ice cream truck and physical store inside a hip Race Street space, Gypsy Scoops offers 12 different flavors, all are rotated and seasonal, that you can enjoy from either a cup or a cone, or even in a doughnut sandwich or Coke float.

2905 Race St.