Best Dessert 2017

Reader Pick

My Little Pies

This small, pop-up business created by Carol Miller offers miniature pies that come in classic flavors like apple, blueberry and lemon, as well as atypical flavors such as banana pudding and key lime.

Staff Pick

Lili’s Doughnuts & Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee and doughnuts may be the greatest pairing since peanut butter and jelly. Lili’s Bistro elevates this duo to a new level with its shareable dessert consisting of four handmade doughnuts holes served golden brown and fresh from the fryer. They are heavy handed with the powdered sugar dusting, and both chocolate and vanilla icings are drizzled on top to make this decadent dessert an instant addiction. Quick consumption is suggested because the heaping scoop of coffee ice cream begins to melt against the warm mound of airy doughnuts.

1310 W. Magnolia Ave.