Best Tacos 2017

Reader Pick

Taco Heads

This food truck got a permanent brick-and-mortar location just last year, and so far it’s worked out well for them. Its 12 different tacos offer varieties from Garlic Cilantro Gulf Shrimp to Chorizo Mexicano and Egg. They also have vegetarian options like the Charred Avo and Roasted Corn and The Bourbon Black Bean Veggie. Be on the lookout for its second location, slated to be built in the Near Southside within the next year or so.

1812 Montgomery St.

Staff Pick

Salsa Limón

Co-founded by Milo Ramirez and his sister Rosalia, both natives of Oaxaca, Mexico, Salsa Limón first opened in 2006 inside La Gran Plaza mall before adding taco trucks to its arsenal and hitting the streets. Now locations are popping up everywhere. Committed to serving Mexico City-style street tacos, Salsa Limon has an almost cult-like following. Our go-to taco is the hefty El Capitan with melted Oaxaca-Jack cheese, pickled cabbage, chopped onion, cilantro and choice of meat filling.

3005 S. University Drive