Best Chef 2017

Reader Pick

Jon Bonnell

Perhaps one of the most recognizable chefs in Fort Worth, Jon Bonnell is the man behind restaurants like Waters, Buffalo Bros, and his namesake, Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s heavily involved in the community – and even finds time to host Fort Worth Magazine’s Top Chef event.

4259 Bryant Irvin Road

Staff Pick

Kevin Martinez

Tokyo Cafe chef Kevin Martinez is only 31, but he has taken the Fort Worth culinary scene by storm. After Tokyo Cafe burned down three years ago, he launched his own food truck, Yatai Food Kart, serving ramen, ribs and whatever Martinez felt like cooking to hungry Southsiders in the parking lot of Avoca Coffee Shop. The food truck is on a hiatus now that Tokyo Cafe is back in action, but a recent late night pop-up at the restaurant was hopefully a taste of things to come.

5121 Pershing Ave.