Local: KatsüK


In the spirit of raising awareness about some of the local acts that make us proud to be from Texas, for the next few blogs, I will be doing something a little different. Rather than reviewing brand spanking new releases, I’ll be recommending new-ish releases from some amazing local DFW talent that you may have either overlooked or simply not heard of. In either case, I highly recommend you give THIS band a spin.

Last August, KatsüK released their second full-length album, Zero Point, a follow up to their 2008 release Out in the Wind. The band self-describes themselves as “an earth-punk-folk-rock group,” which, to this listener, is as apt a moniker as anything I could come up with myself to describe their melodious yet heady sound and their socially conscious message. Zero Point is like a rich meal filled with tasty favorites after breaking a fast. There is so much to choose from! From the wholesomeness of ‘Us,’ to the energizing sounds and beats of ‘Cut the Cord’ (which has recently been featured on the playlists of 91.7 KXT), to the syncopated rock of ‘Last Waltz of the Tyrants,’ this new album is a journey that makes the listener feel like anything is possible. Chock full of positive feeling, inspired guitar work, ever-changing percussion, and lush vocal melodies by front man Daniel Katsük, this album is by far one of the best local albums released in recent past.

Favorite things No two songs sound alike; Each song is distinctive, vibrant, and epic in its own way. It is an album to drive across the country with; the sweeping landscape of this album is reminiscent of the differing landscapes one would encounter in a drive from coast to coast. The positive message is clear and undeniable; We each have the power and the voice to do the right thing for ourselves, each other, and our planet. You cannot fit this band in a box; In this album, the listener gets tastes of the folk, rock, progressive, alternative, world-music, and earth-sounds genres.  There is something for almost everyone to enjoy.

Live One of the best things about this band is their live performance.  They create an atmosphere that envelops the listener like a wall of sound one does not want to escape from.  They are powerful performance artists who weave smoky, woodsy vocals into elemental guitar melodies, harmonies, and percussion.  They are also easily accessible with many upcoming local gigs.  This Thursday, June 6th, KatsüK will be at the Levitt Pavilion in downtown Arlington at 8p.m. for a free, family friendly concert.  Additionally, they will be at The Abbey Underground in Denton on June 14th with Dog With a Black Tongue, and West & The Grooves.  This is also a no cover show. For further information, you can access KatsüK at katsuk.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/katsukmusic.