11 Cocktails to Try Out This Spring

Photo from Mesero's website.

by Andrew Van Heusden

Spring and cocktails go to together like warm weather and patios. Here, 11 local cocktails to keep on hand this season.

Aviation Variation at Bird Cafe

Pictured: Aviation Variation (right); Photo from Bird Cafe Instagram page.

While Ford’s Gin is the main ingredient, two dashes of lavender bitters and two drops of rosewater make this drink a very sweet option on our list (and perfect for any time of day).

Pacific Paloma at Pacific Table

Pacific Table’s take on this tequila-based cocktail packs a punch with lime juice, agave and grapefruit cider.

Grapes of Wrath at Thompson’s Bookstore

Photo from Thompson's Bookstore's website

This old-fashioned bookstore-and-bar hybrid serves a drink named after the popular novel. TX Whiskey is the star, but some simple syrup and fresh-squeezed lemon juice make it a spring-forward drink.

I’ll Do You For That at The Usual

Photo from The Usual Instagram page

This new addition to The Usual’s menu is a mix of coconut and arbol/hibiscus agave, topped off with a slice of lime.

La Novela at Meso Maya

If you’re planning brunch at Meso Maya, be sure to consider the La Novela, which consists of vibrant flavors like orange juice, passion fruit and chile morita syrup — and El Jimador Blanco tequila.

Rosemary Greyhound at The Lazy Moose

Photo from The Lazy Moose Facebook page

This new specialty drink, one of three to be added to the menu, is a simple, refreshing glass of Monopolowa vodka and soda — with a rosemary sprig to top it off.

The Michael’s Mojito at Michaels Cuisine

With a splash of Malibu and Captain Morgan’s rum, the Michaels Mojito will transport you from the hidden West Seventh Street patio all the way to the beach.

Little Red Wasp at … Little Red Wasp

Photo from Little Red Wasp Instagram page

The namesake cocktail of this downtown restaurant consists of red puree mint, lemon juice and jalapeño honey.

Honey Badger at Fixe

Photo from Fixe Southern House Facebook page

You should give a damn about this drink at the new Southern food restaurant in The Shops at Clearfork. The sweet and strong creation includes Old Forester whiskey, honeycomb and lemon.

Jal-Up-En-Yo-Face at Off The Record West

One of the newer bars on the block offers a wide list of cocktails, including Jal-Up-En-Yo-Face. If the words “Stoli vodka,” “peach schnapps” and “jalapeños” don’t get you thrilled for this cocktail, then how about the words “half-priced cocktails on Tuesday”?

The Brandon at Mesero

There are many cocktails to try out at Mesero — but the Brandon is the priciest, and most exciting. The $16 will be worth it when summer temps hit. This frozen, colorful drink is a Micorita (the restaurant's signature margarita named for owner, Mico) with an addition of strawberry-mango purée.