13 Soups to Help You Warm Up This Winter

by Andrew Van Heusden

Fort Worth is experiencing an especially cold winter this year (it’s not 20 degrees anymore, thank goodness), but this type of weather is making us crave a hot bowl of soup. Here are a few local bowls that will warm you up while you fill up. 

Lobster Bisque from Lucile’s Stateside Bistro

Photo from Lucile's Stateside Bistro Facebook page

A cup of this creamy lobster bisque with bread on the side is a hearty dinner or lunch option that will take you from cool to cozy.

Chicken Noodle Soup from Carshon’s Deli

Usually noted for its deli-style sandwiches, Carshon’s, one of the oldest restaurants in Fort Worth, also has an extensive selection of soups and chilis. You can't go wrong with chicken noodle.

Tomato Basil from Little Red Wasp

Photo from Little Red Wasp Facebook page 

This eatery in the center of downtown Fort Worth serves a no-frills tomato basil soup topped with herb croutons. Grab a bowl at the bar and ask a bartender which of the local craft brews would pair best. 

Curried Sweet Potato Soup from HG Sply Co.

You might not be up for sitting on HG Sply Co.’s pretty patio in this weather, but head inside for a cup or bowl of Curried Sweet Potato Soup, made with coconut milk and yellow curry and topped with shaved honey garlic Brussels sprouts, candied pepitas and pomegranate seeds.

Jalapeño and Cilantro Soup from Reata

Photo from Reata website

Jalapeño peppers mix with a hearty dose of cilantro, cream, tomato and avocado, for one of the most popular soups from this downtown institution.

Marshmallow Soup from Rise No. 3

Rise No. 3 at The Shops at Clearfork is all the buzz right now — especially for its Marshmallow Soup. This tomato-based soup is topped off with goat cheese (shaped like marshmallows) and garnished with pesto.

Pho-Beef Noodle Soup from Pho Noodle & Grill

Photo from Pho Noodle & Grill Facebook page

This west Fort Worth favorite serves a mean Pho-Beef Noodle Soup. Customers might label it spicy, but the meat is what sells the dish. 

Pho Bo from Pho District

Photo from Pho District Facebook page

Filet mignon, meatballs, and brisket all served up in one dish — it’s a meat lover’s dream. The broth is cooked overnight, which is what keeps the flavor going.

“Pho”-Kin Soup from MASH’D

Photo from MASH'D Facebook page

The “Pho”-Kin Soup is one of the pricier soups on this list, but a soup with housemade shrimp stock, fresh shucked sweet corn, and rice noodles should not go unnoticed.

Cheese Broccoli Soup from The Great Outdoors Sub Shop

This local restaurant chain only serves two soups, but opt for the Cheese Broccoli. It’s your classic broccoli cheese soup, but the touch of bacon is the game changer.

Wonton Soup from Cannon Chinese Kitchen

Photo from Cannon Chinese Kitchen Facebook page

Cannon Chinese Kitchen’s wonton soup keeps it simple with two pork and shrimp wontons in special house broth. While the menu says it’s “perfect for sharing,” it’s probably best enjoyed alone.

Tomato Soup (and Grilled Cheese) from Press Cafe

Nothing screams more simple, and delicious, than a grilled cheese with tomato soup. It’s similar to the yin and yang theory, you cannot — or shouldn’t — have one without the other. Such is the case with Press Cafe’s Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, which are always served together.

Oni Reaper from Oni Ramen

Photo from Oni Ramen website

This ramen showcases a “demon-spiced” broth with pork belly as the main meat. If you dare, ask the workers about the Oni Reaper challenge.