4 Must-Try Fort Worth Margaritas

I embarked on a mission on a beautiful, but incredibly hot Sunday afternoon in search of out-of-the-ordinary margaritas in Fort Worth. It was a fun, thirst-quenching expedition to say the least. When it comes to “out-of-the-ordinary” margaritas – a special ingredient, an uncommon flavor, or a bold color are all keys for each particular ‘rita to be considered. Of course, they also have to taste good. Make sure the next time you are out that you give one of these a try, you won’t be sorry. 

1. Dirty Margarita at Grace

The Dirty Margarita is the lovechild of the classic dirty martini and everyone’s favorite basic margarita. The outcome is a tall glass filled with the perfect combination of salty, smooth, subtle, and strong topped with a house pressed olive. Not only does Grace use lime juice, but also lemon – who knew lemons and olives blended so well in a cocktail?

2. Hibiscus Margarita at Yucatan Taco Stand

Bright pink with a floating hibiscus on top, the Hibiscus Margarita makes the list not only for its incredibly alluring color, but for the unique pairing of tequila and floral flavors. A hot-pink drink may trick you into thinking that it will be too sweet, but while there’s sweetness to each sip, it blends perfectly. If you are feeling like trying something new, this is the margarita you’ve been looking for.

3. Gompers Rita at The Woodshed Smokehouse

Not everyone can handle tequila, which is really unfortunate when the group wants to go out for margaritas… or is it? Luckily, you can enjoy a super refreshing Gomperita that will leave you wanting a whole pitcher. Gompers Gin is mild, lightly fruity, and little bit sweet – absolutely delicious when mixed into a margarita with a splash of triple sec.

4. Muddled Avocado Margarita at Taco Heads

I love avocados probably more than any other produce in the world. Quite frankly, I was skeptical about avocados being muddled into a beverage. But I was pleasantly surprised. The avocado blends well with freshly pressed lime juice, a dash of Cointreau, and the tequila of course. The perfect accompaniment to Muddled Avocado Margarita, other than the obvious pulled pork taco, is a sucker from locally owned Halo del Santo. Covered in salt, chili, and lime, dip it in the ‘rita or suck as you drink. It adds a nice little kick.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Paige Harrison