6 Best Wine Wednesday Deals

It’s Hump Day, and you need something to get over the hump. That’s where wine steps in. Sure, wine might not solve all your problems, but with these can’t-miss deals, at least one problem is solved. So grab a bottle, a friend and an Uber, then check these out.


Taverna sets the tone when it comes to happy hour. Monday through Friday, a glass of the house wine is $3. Even better, appetizers and pizzas are half priced. Low cost, high-quality pizza and wine – you can’t beat that, except on Wednesdays. All day long every Wine Wednesday, you can get a half-priced bottle of wine with the purchase of an entrée. My wallet and stomach thank you, Taverna.

Grand Cru Wine Bar & Boutique

On Wednesdays at Grand Cru, any glass of wine from the By-the-Glass list is 25 percent off. This is a great excuse to try a bunch of different wines or indulge in your favorite.

Times Ten Cellar

At Times Ten Cellar you can simply have a glass of wine or do a whole tasting, but either way, it’s a notable location. On Wednesdays, and Tuesdays for that matter, a glass of select house wines is only $5.

Cat City Grill

Stop by Cat City Grill on Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for $4 house wine. Of course, Wednesdays and wine are a special combination that Cat City Grill recognizes with a generous deal of half-off select bottles, all day long.

Shaw’s Patio Bar and Grill

Wednesdays at Shaw’s mean $5 glasses of wine all day long. Plus, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m, grab a half-priced gourmet dog to enjoy with your wine.

Kona Grill

Every Wednesday at Kona Grill is Wine Down Wednesday. This means there are half-off bottles of wine all day long. Plus, enjoy some incredible sushi while you indulge in all that wine.

Honorable Mentions:

If you like to drink wine regardless of the day or the deal, here are a few other wine hotspots around town that don’t offer a Wine Wednesday deal but are still worth the trip.

Winslow’s Wine Cafe

Winslow’s provides an intimate atmosphere to drink wine and chat with friends and family. While it may not offer a Wine Wednesday deal, its wine list of specially selected and constantly updated wines earned them an honorable mention. Plus, if this list were about Tuesdays and Sundays, they would nail it with 30 percent off all wine bottles all night long.


WineHaus may not be famous for a special deal on Wednesdays, but they do have a grand reputation when it comes to wines on tap. Whether you prefer its wine on tap, in a growler, or to-go, WineHaus is worth the mention.

Kent & Co

Kent & Co is the home to Fort Worth’s best wine expert Chester Cox and wine selection of over 300 wines. So of course, this is a can’t-miss destination for all you wine connoisseurs.

MAX’s Wine Dive

There may not be a specific Wine Wednesday deal at Max’s Wine Dive, but they do have happy hour Monday-Friday 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., which features a food menu that changes regularly.