7 Gluten-Free Restaurant Options That Actually Taste Good


A burger without a bun is like summer without the sun – it feels wrong. But the gluten-free frenzy does not have to mean eating a bunless burger or passing on pizza night.

Everyone has different reasons to go gluten-free. Maybe it’s an attempt to lose weight (not that the diet is scientifically proven to do so). Maybe it’s an allergy or intolerance, maybe it’s celiac disease, or maybe it’s just for kicks. Nonetheless, many Fort Worthians are in search of the best places to eat gluten-free food that includes the bun and isn’t comparable to a pile of dirt.

Luckily, Fort Worth has more great gluten-free options than there are breadsticks at an Olive Garden (sorry, those are not gluten free). Here are just a few.

Tasty Tip: If on a strict gluten-free diet, always verify with the server that items are prepared gluten-free.

HG Sply Co’s Cheddar Bacon Burger

(with a gluten-free bun)

HG Sply Co's Cheddar Bacon Burger with a normal bun.

Proof that Heaven is for real is served at HG Sply Co, and here is why. For starters, the top of its menu states “all items can be prepared gluten and dairy free.” That’s already a win. A notable item is the Cheddar Bacon Burger (with a gluten-free bun, of course). In addition to the cheddar, bacon and traditional toppings, the burger is coated in HG lemon-dill ranch dressing. Avocado and egg can also be added to the burger. Pair the burger with HG’s unmatched fries or kale salad.

Tasty Tip: The burger may leave a thirst that can only be quenched by HG’s Moscow Mule, blended. 
Price: $13 with an added $3 for the gluten-free bun (prices may vary with additional toppings)

1621 River Run, Ste. 176

Joe T. Garcia’s Beef Fajitas

(with corn tortillas)

Joe T. Garcia's chicken fajitas, which are made with soy sauce. Celiacs, or anyone avoiding soy, should order the beef fajitas. 

A Fort Worth classic, Joe T. Garcia’s should not be overlooked for those on a gluten-free diet. With so few entrees available, it’s a miracle that one of them can be prepared gluten-free. However, if anyone has a severe reaction to gluten, such as celiac disease, do take precautions. Make sure to order the beef fajitas, as the chicken is prepared with soy sauce. If the reaction isn’t severe, order the corn tortillas – otherwise stay away, as both the corn tortillas and chips are fried in the same fryer as flour items. Remember to notify your server of any dietary restrictions so that Joe T’s can prepare the meal properly.

Tasty Tip: If among margarita drinkers, save a few dollars by ordering a pitcher of margaritas and split one order of the fajitas between two people (they are large servings).
Price: Prices may vary, cash only

2201 North Commerce St.

Taverna’s Tagliolini’s Scampi

(with gluten-free pasta)

Taverna's Tagliolini Shrimp Scampi. The style of gluten-free pasta may vary as Taverna does not purchase a standard gluten-free pasta. 

Taverna has quite the selection when it comes to gluten-free pasta, and pizza for that matter. While a few of the items can’t be modified, most of Taverna’s pizza and pasta can be made gluten free upon request. The Tagliolini Scampi is covered in a light butter sauce and, of course, contains shrimp. If shrimp and butter sauce aren’t favored, traditional marinara or cream sauce options are also available.

Tasty Tip: This shrimp-filled scampi pairs well with a crisp white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc.
Price: $17.95

450 Throckmorton St.

Thirteen Pies’ Straight Pie

(with gluten-free dough)

Thirteen Pies' Straight Pie.

Thirteen Pies’ gluten-free pizza will put any pizza cravings to rest. Simply request whatever pizza is desired to be made gluten free. The Straight Pie is nothing more and nothing less than mozzarella, fresh basil and Pecorino. If this basil and cheese combo isn’t favored, other options include the Crumbled Meats Pie and Chorizo and Egg Pie.

Tasty Tip: The Straight Pie will pair well with the slightly sweet taste of Pinot Grigio.
Price: Prices vary with gluten free dough.

2949 Crockett St.

Terra Mediterranean Grill’s Lamb Kabobs

(without rice)

Terra Mediterranean Grill's Lamb Kabobs prepared gluten-free.

Yes, lamb. Terra’s lamb kabobs are tender, flavorful, and are served alongside roasted veggies. Practically everything here can be made gluten free, but regardless, Terra provides a gluten-free menu upon request.

Tasty Tip: In addition to the kabobs, order the Mediterranean salad for an extra dose of veggies.
Price: $18

2973 Crockett St.

Juice Junkies’s Acai/Chia Bowl

Juice Junkies's Acai/Chia Bowl topped with gluten-free granola.

Juice Junkies provides lighter gluten-free snacks and meals. All of Juice Junkies’ juices are gluten free, as well as dairy free, but that is not always as filling as needed. The Acai/Chia Bowl renders the classic acai bowl except that it is topped with gluten-free granola. The bowl is topped with unsweetened coconut flakes and fresh fruit as well.

Tasty Tip: When ordering a superfood smoothie from Juice Junkies, ask to add chia seeds. The addition will boost the fiber, protein and omega-3 content.
Price: $8

925 Foch St.

Steel City Pops's Cookies and Cream Popsicle

Steel City Pops's  Cookies and Cream Popsicle.

No matter what crazy weather Texas brings, popsicles are always available at Steel City Pops. The Cookies and Cream popsicle is a classic, but it is also gluten-free. Not only are all of Steel City Pops’ cookie pops gluten-free, but all of its current menu items are as well. The flavors at Steel City Pops are always changing, but the one thing that never changes is that only natural ingredients are used.

Tasty Tip: Increase the flavor with a dip, drizzle and/or dredge for $1.50.
Price: $3

5924 Convair Drive, Ste. 400