Best of 2013

As a restaurant operator, it’s difficult for me to go out to eat. It is even more difficult for my wife. My eyes and ears tend to wander about the restaurant as I listen to servers interact with other tables or count how many lights are in the dining room. I find it equally as difficult criticizing my food. I know the difficulty that it takes to produce consistently great food, so I tend to keep my critique to myself. On the flip side, if I have a great dining experience, I will shout it from the roof top and let everyone I know how great a particular item at a restaurant may be.

I thought long and hard about putting together a “Best of 2013,” but after reading some really great ones over the past few weeks, I figured I would cheat a little and just share some of those.

Teresa Gubbins (@tgubbins) gave a wonderful oversight of the year in dining. She touched on some hot areas in DFW, foods trends that are coming and going, as well as mentioning some that open soon. If dining at the newest hotspot or simply trying a new restaurant is your thing, Teresa also put together this awesome list that should keep you busy for a while.

Since we are talking about new restaurants, chronicled some of the restaurants that turned off their lights for the last time with this list.

Steve Wilson (@txweekendchef) aka, the “Weekend Chef” for gave his thoughtful insight on his top 5 dishes for 2013 that included such dishes as Grilled Freshwater Prawns and Cowboy beans. He also includes more recipes than I can on the slideshow that accompanies the piece. Steve’s blog is always a great read, and I really enjoy it. 

For a larger list, the dining team came up with their top 20 dishes, including one of my favorites, the brisket at BBQ on the Brazos (@meathisbbq). 

Food, Fort Worth contributed a best new restaurant list as well complete with wonderful photos of all of restaurants noted. As far as blogs that chronicle what’s happening in the food world in Fort Worth, they may not be a better one out there right now.

Last year was an exciting year for Fort Worth diners. We are in the middle of a culinary revival that this city hasn’t seen in quite some time. Simple food made well is taking the cities diners by storm. I’ve had spectacular meals at AF+B, Bird Café and Clay Pigeon within the last several weeks, and each one left me wanting more. Make sure to get your tickets to the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival so you can taste all of the great food that this wonderful city has to offer! Cheers!