Best Of Party - Delicious Desserts

We might as well admit it. We’ve got a serious sweet tooth. Like a may-have-recently-had-a one-hour-plus-conversation-about-Fudgesicles sweet tooth. Judge us if you must, but our passion is paying off. We’re going to have not one, but TWO restaurants serving up desserts at this year’s Best Of party in Sundance Square.

The Cupcakery is coming out, and they’ll be serving - you guessed it - cupcakes. But these aren’t just any cupcakes. These are melt in your mouth, go back for more, no but really what is IN these cupcakes cupcakes.

"They’re delicious" is what we’re trying to say.

Taverna Pizzeria & Risotteria is bringing its A-game, dishing up risotto two ways, bruschetta and its signature tiramisu. Authentically light, creamy and infused with just enough coffee...we can’t wait.


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