Blog Your Heart Out

I’m not a blogger by trade. Sometimes I wonder whether I qualify as a writer.

My guess is there aren’t too many people who deem blogging as their exclusive occupation. Most of the really good ones maintain a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills, allowing their blog to fuel their passions. Fort Worth is lucky to have several bloggers who share their love of food, cooking and eating in a beautiful, interesting way.

Linguine and Dirty Martinis  @linguineandDM

Private chef Callie Salls pens this blog that shares the name of her culinary endeavors. Her services include everything from weekly meal services and menu planning for local families to creating intimate dinner parties and lavish affairs. Her blog offers fresh, seasonal recipes that are approachable for the home cook.

Eat This Fort Worth @etfw
Josie Singleton has kept this blog moving along since 2008. She gives great insight on new restaurant openings, mixed with recaps of food-related events throughout town. She claims, “Good food is good food––whether it’s fine dining or funnel cake.” If she finds a place worth mentioning, rest assured she will let readers know where to find it.

Fork Meat Spoon @ForkMeatSpoon

This is the most visually appealing blog that I frequently read. Local freelance photographer Kari Crowe provides engaging content including Q & A sessions with Fort Worth foodies, recipes and stunning photos. (She has been a professional photographer for more than six years.)

Fort Worth Hole In The Wall
Okay, just to clear the air, I didn’t simply put this one on the list because the homepage currently features a piece about the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival. (Thank you, however!) This blog boasts more than 250 entries, written throughout the past five years. Although inactive since January, there are plenty of witty restaurant reviews to comb through when deciding where to eat.

Funkytown Foodies @FtownFoodies

I have saved the best for last - at least in my humble opinion. Three young ladies, Karly, Lorraine and Nancy, otherwise known as the Funkytown Foodies, have done an outstanding job putting together an awesome food blog.

As most of the other blogs in town steer toward the restaurant scene, these three have been hard at work putting together cooking show segments, recipes and focusing on local, sustainable food. They feature recipes that are easy to follow with instructive photos to guide you through creating your dish. If the first year and half is any indication of future success, I suspect this blog to be around for quite some time.

Please take the time to visit all of these blogs. Whether you are seeking out information about the latest restaurant opening or looking for a new recipe, I know you can find something that strikes a culinary cord in each of these. What food blogs are you currently reading?

Don’t forget, Twenty at the Tower begins Sunday. Tickets are going fast so visit today!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win last week’s cookbook giveaway. Our winner is Deborah McKinney! Looks like she will be whipping up sweet treats all summer.

Russell Kirkpatrick is AGM at Reata Restaurant and Founder of the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival