Breakfast Hotspots in Funkytown

Anyone that works in the restaurant industry eats at odd times. Lunch isn’t until late afternoon and dinner isn’t until well after the sun goes down. For breakfast, I like the type of diners or “greasy spoons” where ordering a mimosa only gets you a funny look. I find a certain level of honesty at these restaurants––no gussied up menus, just good food.

We received terrific feedback from readers last week (thanks!). You like lists, which is why I thought you would enjoy reading about the top five breakfast spots I typically frequent. This list is by no means exhaustive. These are the places I visit most, although I love what Hans Peter Muller is doing at the Swiss Pastry Shop. And the Paris Coffee Shop has been around since the Great Depression. I need your help adding to this list. 

Yogi’s Bagel Café, 2710 S. Hulen Street

My wife and I had our first house near Yogi’s. It was our first Fort Worth breakfast experience. When I get the chance to stop by, I like to think back to those days. It makes me smile. I’ve always enjoyed the Southwestern Benedict: two poached eggs, smoked ham, chipotle hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. It has a little kick that I like to wash down with one of their great coffee selections.

Ol’ South Pancake House, 1509 S. University Dr.

The Benson & Brozgold family have owned and operated Ol' South since 1962. It reminds me of a place in college where I would go to pull all nighters while studying for a big exam. The funny thing about me and Ol’ South is that I don’t like pancakes. Yep. I said it. I just don’t care for them. I’ll make an exception for the German Pancakes here. The lemon and the powdered sugar work perfectly together.

Vickery Blvd. Café, 4120 West Vickery Blvd.


My son is a rock star here. I’m serious. Go in and ask any of the servers if they know Cooper Kirkpatrick and I would be shocked if anyone said “no.” He’s like Norm from Cheers when he walks in the door. Cooper and his Papa John visit here every Saturday morning. Cooper will walk in, hop up on his stool at the counter and proceed to tell anyone who will listen about his week.

Montgomery Café, 2000 Montgomery St.

This landmark has been around for over half a decade and keeps serving up great food. Located across from Will Rogers Memorial Center, you are very likely to see some boots and spurs on more than a couple of diners. While other restaurants have tried to change to keep up with the times, the Montgomery Café has continued to do what it’s been doing well for decades. It has the wonderful feel of eating in a small Texas town somewhere.

Westside Café, 7950 Highway 80 W.


We frequent the Westside Café more than any other breakfast spot as of late. It was first because of the close proximity to our house, but now it’s because of great food with a smile. As a restaurant operator, I enjoy watching the wheels in motion at this morning hotspot. They will typically have quite a few folks waiting for tables when you arrive, but they move them through at a rather quick pace. I always get the pork chop with eggs over easy to get my day going here.

What are your favorite breakfast standbys? Let me know in the comments section.